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Prepared: Algis Rupainis
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July 6 or 13, 1945: The Grove of Obeliai, not far from the Village of Kelezeriai
Partisans led by B. Vaicenas ["Lord"-"Lordas"], B. Pupeikis ["Aurochs"-"Tauras"] and K. Ramanuskas fight for several hours with forces of the occupying army and 'stribai' from Antazave and Obeliai counties. Six partisans and 2 enemy soldiers are killed; 2 enemy soldiers injured.
LKA 1676, [DL43, 44] VA

July 6 or 7, 1945: Village of Jaskoniskiai, County of Antazave, District of Zarasai
After being betrayed by J. Markulis ["Agent Stankevicius"-"Agentas Stankevicius"] and being surrounded by enemy troops, M. Kazanas ["Terror"-"Siaubas"], leader of the Bear ["Lokys"] Special Team, along with 2 team partisans, use explosives to commit suicide. A. Streikus ["Little Tommy"-"Tamosiukas"] is appointed new leader of the Bear Special Team. He continues to maintain contact with Latvian partisans.
L-297, LKA 1676, DL-43, 258, [LKA 14-56, LKA 16-15] VA

July 7, 1945
Lieutenant J. Alescikas ["Gediminas"], leader of the Lazdijai County Partisan Unit, visits J. Vitkus [Son of Kazimieras"-"Kazimieraitis"], leader of the Dzukai Group. A decision is made to form the Seinai Special Team from Lazdijai, Sangruda, Sventezeris and Rudamina counties partisans under the leadership of J. Alescikas. The idea fails, J. Alescikas resigns, and partisans of above-mentioned counties join Gediminas Special Team of Tauras Command.
L-191, 192 DA

July 1945: Between Vilnius and Kirdeikiai village, County of Saldutiskis, District of Svencionys
J. Markulis, LLA command post representative, is arrested by communists on his way from Vilnius to Kirdeikiai village, but is released within a few days. By January of 1946, Markulis will become a a NKGB agent.
LKA 11-35, 36, LPK-660 OK

July 19 [or 22], 1945: Virtukai Forest, County of Kelme, District of Raseiniai
Led by J. Zemaitis and A. Zaskevicius, 54 partisans from 4 squads of the Zebenkstis Special Team battle NKVD troops for 3 hours in Virtukai forest. 15 partisans are killed.
LKA 12-9, L-236, 486 [L-376] KA

July 19, 1945
Headquarters for Tauras Command is established in the presbytery of Skardupes, District of Marijampole. Key leadership positions include:

Captain L. Taunys ["Raven"-"Kovas]: Chief of Staff
J. Pileckis ["Brokas"]: Outfitting and Weaponry
A. Ratkelis: Propaganda
V. Gavenas ["Vampire"-"Vampyras"]: Provost Section
Father A. Ylius ["Wolf"-"Vilkas"]: Sanitary Section
The groups decides to establish links with supreme partisan command post and partisan units, to rally Lithuanians behind the partisan flag, and to dissemate information about current conditions.
L-160, LK-86, LKA 1-5,6 TA

August 1, 1945
J. Vitkus ["Son of Kazimieras"-"Kazimieraitis"], leader of the Dzukai Group, appoints A. Ramanauskas ["Hawk"-"Vanagas"] to lead the Merkine Batallion. The batallion soon becomes part of Merkys' Special Team with
P. Petrenas ["Boss"-"Virsaitis] in command. The batallion includes members of the Marcinkonys and Druskininkai Battalions.
LKA 9-22, L-192, 206, 223 DA

August 1, 1945: District of Telsiai
The ZL [Zemaitijan Legion] Satrija Special Team is formed on the basis of LLA [Lithuanian Freedom Army] Hawks ["Vanagai"] group. S. Beniulis becomes their first leader.

L-169, 487 ZA

August 3, 1945: Town of Keturvalakiai, District of Vilkaviskis
The town of Keturvalakiai is seized by 15 partisans who confiscate county documents and weapons abandoned by fleeing NKVD operatives. 3 'stribai' are killed. Town residents convene a meeting.

AKL-83, LKA 17-114 TA

August 5-9, 1945: Town of Palios, County of Gudeliai, District of Marijampole
3 NKVD regiments, assisted by artillery and aviation support, attack a group of approximately 70 partisans. 17 Lithuanian freedom-fighters are killed, 5 captured. Numerous NKVD operatives are killed [Exact numbers unknown].
AL-251, DP-87 TA

Early August [or September], 1945:
S. Girdziunas ["May"-"Geguzis"], leader of the 3rd Northern Command of LLA [Lithuanian Freedom Army] dies. Former command post officer-in-charge, V. Jazokas, ["Son of Peter"-"Petraitis"] assumes command
DL-4, PPS, (LKA 18-53, 55), (LKA 20-17) SA

Early August, 1945:
Following destruction of the LPS [Lithuanian Partisans' Union] command post in Vilnius [end of June 1945], Gelezinis "Iron Wolf" Vilkas' Special Team joins the Dzukai group. Lieutenant L. Svalkus ["Wild Boar"-"Sernas"] becomes interim leader. The special team consists of 2 battalions: Varena-Rudnia and Valkininkai-Eisiskes-Onuskis, latter led by L. Tarasevicius ["Eagle"-"Aras"].
L-191 DA

August 15, 1945:
The Tauras ["Aurochs"] Command is formed. Key freedom-fighters attending the inaugural meeting include:

L. Taunys
V. Gavenas
J. Pileckis
A. Ratkelis
Lieutenant V. Bacevicius ["Vygandas'] from the Kazlu Ruda forests
Captain V. Navickas ["Thunder"-"Perkunas"] from the Distrct of Alytus
V. Radzevicius ["Bard"-"Vaidila]
V. Kulboka
J. Sackus ["Ash Tree"-"Uosis"]
Colonel L. Butkevicius from the District of Marijampole
Captain L. Taunys ["Raven"-"Kovas"], Appointed first leader of Tauras Command.
Five special teams are formed:
Stirna ["Deer"] [Later to become known as "Zalgiris"]
Gelezinis Vilkas ["Iron Wolf"]
Vytautas, ["Thunder"-"Perkunas"] [Later to be known as: "Gediminas"]
Their arena of operations includes:
Districts of Marijampole, Vilkaviskis and Sakiai
Portions of the Districts of Lazdijai, Kaunas and Alytus
L-160, LKA 3-16 TA

August 8, 1945: Town of Lekeciai, District of Sakiai
Following a meeting near Lekeciai, the Supreme Command of LLA [Lithuanian Freedom Army] is formally re-established. General M. Peciulionis, S. Starkus-Starkevicius, A. Ruzgys, and A. Veverskis [brother of K. Veverskis] attend the meeting. In November, the Command Post staff is arrested.
L-127, LKA 14-12 VV

August, 1945: District of Sudalaukis, County of Saldutiskis, District of Svencionys
During a meeting at the Petkevicius family home, the 4th ["Vytautas"] Command of the LLA [Lithuanian Freedom Army] is formed. A Command Post is established to coordinate partisan activities in the Districts of Utena, Zarasai, Svencionys, and [from 1946] Rokiskis. Leaders are selected as follows:

Lieutenant J. Kimstas, Command Post Officer-In-Charge
V. Mikulenas ["Fatty"-"Storulis"], Adjutant
P. Zinkevicius ["Skudutis"]: Chief of Staff
K. Zinkevicius ["Axe"-"Kirvis"], Propaganda Section
When Lieutenant Kimsta departs for Western Lithuania, V. Mikulenas assumes the responsibility of Command Post Officer-In-Charge.
L-297, LKA 16-120, 121 VA

August, 1945
Partisans from Panevezys raid the hospital and liberate injured colleagues. Militia man Bistravicius is killed.

August 26, 1945: Near the Village of Medikonys, County of Rozalimas, District of Panevezys
In an ambush near Medikonys village, Captain I. Pucevicius ["Radvila"], leader of the Zalioji ["Green"] Special Team, is killed. In September, Lieutenant V. Jazokas ["Son of Peter"-"Petraitis"] assumes leadership.
LKA 8-5, LKA 20-16 ALA 1945

September 4, 1945: Near the Village of Ilgbraste, District of Silute, County of Sveksna
Near Ilgbraste Village, partisans kill 3 "stribai" and capture a wounded militia man.

September 8, 1945
Correspondence from Lieutenant General Tkacenka, USSR NKGB Chief in Lithuania, is dispatched to:

NKVD Committee Leaders
Soviet Army Divisions detached to Lithuania
Heads of "Smers" ["Whirlwind"-"Tornado"] - ["Detachments of Death"]Units
Military prosecutors of Soviet Army Divisions
NKVD Committees
A reprimand for poor work, the letter states, "[in] Over 5 days, 20 regiments have killed only 56 "bandits" [as the Soviet authorities always called the partisans] and arrested only 158. A total of 187 weapons [have been] seized. While the Soviet army is so slack, the "bandits" have intensified their resistance. Over just 4 days in September, they have killed or abducted 27 Soviet activists".
LKA 11-112 OK

September 9, 1945
Leadership of the ZL [Zemaitijan Legion] is assumed by:

J. Semaska ["Linden", "Liepa", or "Rikis"],
S. Jazdauskas ["Nurmis"], Adjutant
V. Kucinskas ["Ipras"], Command Post OIC
An attempt is made to combine and create command posts for all Zemaitijan districts
L-262, 487, LKA 7-3 ZA

September 9, 1945
The LLA [Lithuanian Freedom Army] 5th Command leadership appoints Captain A. Kamarauskas [Karijotas] leader of the Tiger ["Tigras"] Special Team. The Tiger Team reports directly to the LLA [Lithuanian Freedom Army] 5th Command until the creation of VA [Vytautas Command]. The Tiger Special Team is responsible to two separate command posts.

The company commanded by V. Zaliaduonis refuses to obey Captain Kamarauskas. The conflict is exploited by the NKGB.
L-300, LKA 16-56 VA

September 9, 1945
A. Ramanauskas ["Hawk"-"Vanagas"] is appointed leader of the Merkys Special Team within the Dzukai group.
L-206, LK-198 DA

September 16, 1945: Village of Skardupiu, District of Marijampole
The first meeting of the LIK ["Lithuanian Liberation Committee"-"Lietuvos islaisvinimo komitetas"] conveys. In attendance are:

Colonel L. Butkevicius ["Luobas"]
Captain L. Taunys ["Raven"-"Kovas"]
Father A. Ylius ["Wolf"-"Vilkas"]
Lieutenant V. Bacevicius ["Vygandas"]
J. Pileckis ["Brokas"]
Committee Membership is decided as follows:
L. Butkevicius, President
L. Taunys and A. Ylius, Deputies
V. Bacevicius, J. Pileckis, and V. Radzevicius, Members
Their primary goal is established: rally underground forces for the restoration of an independent Lithuanian state. A manifesto is issued to the Lithuanian public and 6 partisan command regions are defined.
LK-240-242, LKA 1-5, LKA 2-3, L-127, 161 TA

September 17, 1945: Near the Forest of Papojas [not far from Upyte in the County of Naujamiestis, District of Panevezys]
17 NKVD troops surround a group of 18 VCA [Vytis Command] partisans lead by Major P. Januskevicius ["Dad"-"Tevas"] near the forest of Papojas Ten partisans are killed, including Major Januskevicius.
SV-39, 40 VCA

September 28, 1945: Forest of Raudine, District of Zarasai
Battle in forest of Raudine, district of Zarasai. Troops from the Red Army attack the base of the VA [Vytautas Command] Lokys ["Bear"] Special Team in the forest of Raudine. 11 [possibly 14] partisans loss their lives in battle.

Although wounded, A. Streikus ["Tommy"-"Tamosiukas"], leader of the group, covers the retreating partisans with machine gun fire, allowing ten partisans to escape. Not wanting to be captured, Streikus, takes his own life using explosives. A. Keberza ["Preibys"-"Kartelis"] assumes leadership of the Lokys Special Team.
L-298, LKA 16-77 VA

Autumn, 1945
The Vegele command post is disbanded. By order of J. Ceponis, the remnants of the team join the Zebenkstis Special Team.
L-236, 486 KA

June-October, 1945
132 partisans from the VA [Vytautas Command], Tigras [Tiger] Special Team, are killed and 140 partisans are arrested during the "Cekist" operation.
LKA 16-57 VA

October 1, 1945
NKGB documents stored in Joniskis district indicate active partisan units in the area are led by M. Kliausius ["Vadas"-"Tautvydas"] [150 members], K. Linovskis [15 members], Nazaras [30 members], and P. Paltaroko ["Algimantas"] [25-30 members].

October, 1945
By order of Major J. Semaska ["Linden"-"Liepa"], a command post is re-established in Zemaitija under the control of the Zemaitijan legion and TGS [Tautos gelbejimo sajunga - National Assistance Union], a civilian-controlled institute answerable to the leader of the military command post. To unite all armed structures in Lithuania, the ZL leadership team establishes links with the 3rd and 5th LLA [Lithuanian Freedom Army] commands and the Dzukai group.
L-128 ZA

October 5, 1945
A meeting of the LIK [Lithuanian Liberation Committee] convenes. The missions of A. Ylius' ["Wolf"-"Vilkas"] to i Telsiai and L. Taunys' [Raven - Kovas] to Kaunas [to establish chain-of-command] are discussed. A decision is made to immediately establish [revive] the VLIK [Supreme Committee for the Liberation of Lithuania] and to seek relations with resources outside Lithuania.
L-162, LK-243, 244 VV

October 12, 1945
USSR NKVD commissar L. P. Berija issues directive #497 ordering "all necessary steps" be taken to strengthen the activities of its agents in Lithuania and widen the network of informers and agents in all districts and counties of Lithuania where "bandits" are active.
LKA 11-115 OK

October 21, 1945: The presbytery of Skardupiai, District of Marijampole
The final meeting of the LIK [Lithuanian Liberation Committee] takes place in the presbytery of Skardupiai.

On the following day - October 22, 1945 - the arrests begin. 17 office-holders of the LIK and Tauras Command are detained The work of the Committee and command post are paralysed. [L. Taunys and V. Bacevicius are tried and shot on 20 July 1946.]

Escaping the dragnet are: J. Pileckis ["Brokas"], A. Ratkelis ["Kid"-"Ozelis"], and Major Z. Drunga ["Wild Boar"-"Sernas"]. Drunga assumes leadership of the TA [Tauras Command] and assumes the code name Mykolas Jonas [Michael John].
L-162, LKA 1-5, LKA 2-3, LPK-498 TA, VV

October 23, 1945
J. Vitkus, leader of Dzukai group reluctantly accepts the resignation of V. Gontis ["Alseika"], leader of Sarunas Special Team. Gontis returns to civilian life. A. Bucionis is appointed interim leader of the Leipalingis battalion.
L-192, LKA 9-67 DA

October 28, 1945
J. Vitkus ["Son of Kazimieras"-"Kazimieraitis"], leader of the Dzukai group, begins to prepare the "Organisational plan for [the] liberation of Lithuania." His plan includes the possible mobilisation of the entire country. A comprehensive plan is completed on December 9, 1948, but never implemented. L-28, LKA 9-32 DA

October 29, 1945
Modeled after the LLA [Lithuanian Freedom Army] Vanagai [Hawks] group, A. Narmontas ["Ivanauskas"-"Usorius"] creates the Alka Special Team of Zemaitijan Legion in the Mazeikiai area.
L-267, 487 ZA

November 3, 1945: In the village of Kiskeliai, County of Salakas, District of Zarasai
Agent Uosis I. Bivainis ["Ash Tree"]informs the NKVD of the location of VA [Vytautas Command], Bear ["Lokys"] Special Team, and Lieutenant A. Keberza ["Preibys, Kartelis"]. Partisans escape unscathed, killing one NKVD man. Towards the end of 1945, A. Keberza is shot in his bunker by a traitor.
L-299, LKA 16-80, 81 VA

November 10, 1945: Town of Gaure, District of Taurage
Partisans led by G. Kisielius take over Gaure, liberate prisoners, and shoot 8 communist activists [and] NKVD men living in the county. GP-193, L-486, AKL-70, RZ-60 KA

November 10, 1945
Dzukai group leader J. Vitkus ["Son of Kazimieras"-"Kazimieraitis"] meets with Liaison Officer A. Jauniskis ["Pine Forest"-"Silas"]at Supreme LLA [Lithuanian Freedom Army] Command Post and Alytus. They discuss the organization of Algirdas Command and possibility of J. Vitkus leading the Command which includes the districts of Alytus, Trakai and Asmena. LLA leadership authorizes J. Vitkus to prepare a plan to mobilize all Lithuanian men of conscriptable age. After the arrest of the LLA liaison officer in Jieznas and command posts members in Kaunas, Dzukai links with LLA break off.
L-196, LKA 9-36 DA

November 15, 1945: Counties of Skuodas and Mosedis, District of Kretinga
J. Ozeraitis ["Whisker"-"Usas"] organizes the Kardas ["Word"] Special Team in the counties of Skuodas and Mosedis in the district of Kretinga. On November 23, 1945, the Team becomes part of the Zemaitijan Legion under the leadership of K. Kontrimas ["Dad"-"Tevas"].
L-266, LKA 7-4 ZA

November 18, 1945
By order of J. Vitkus, the Dzukai group command post is renamed Command Post A.
L-192 DA

November 19, 1945
Leaders of the Dzukai Group Sarunas Special team meet and discuss new links among partisan groups, financial considertions, press organization, and winter provisions. Those attending include:

J. Vitkus ["Kazimieraitis"-"Son of Kazimieras"]: Group Leader
A. Perminas ["Jurininkas"-"Sailor"]: Adjutant
A. Kulikauskas ["Daktaras"-"Doctor"]: Head of 2nd Squadron
V. Stepulevicius ["Mindaugas"]
A. Grusauskas ["Siaubas"-"Terror"]: Seiriju Battalion Leader, Leipalingis Battalion Leader, and interim Sarunas Special Team
A. Bucionis: Leader
J. Penkevicius ["Kalnelis"-"Hillock"]: Kapciamiestis Leader
V. Vabuolas ["Margis"-"Dapple"]: Veisiejai Team Leader
LKA 9-38 DA

November 20, 1945
Lieutenant A. Baltusis ["Zvejys"-"Fisherman"] is appointed as head of press and propaganda section of TA [Tauras Command] and senior editor of the newspaper "Laisves zvalgas" ["Freedom Herald"].
L-166, 167 TA

November 20, [or 21] 1945
Stirna ["Deer"] with TA [Tauras Command] dies. Special Team leader B. Abromaitis [Spyglys - "Thorn"], command post OIC S. Grigas [Aras - "Eagle"] and 2 partisans at the team's command post in Deguciai village, Jankai county, Sakiai district. LBD-187, [LK 3-25] TA

November 28, 1945
J. Deksnys [Hektoras - "Hector"], VLIK [Supreme Committee for the Liberation of Lithuania] member enters Lithuania illegally and meets with J. Vitkus [Kazimieraitis - "Son of Kazimieras"] in Kaunas. Also in attendance is engineer K. Brunius ["Prapuolenis"]. A decision is made to precipitate creation of Supreme Partisan Command Post.
L-130, 149, 196, LK-245 VV

November 30, 1945
J. Vitkus publishes the first edition of the Bell of Freedom [Laisves varpas]. Feature stories include the last Instruction [Nr. 21] of the Dzukai group command post and the first Instruction of the Lithuanian Partisan Command A.
LKA 9-41 DA

Late 1945
The LLA [Lithuanian Freedom Army] Kovas ["Raven"] Special Team, which had been operating in the Kedainys district is destroyed. Leader J. Jasinevicius ["Margis"-"Dapple"] had maintained links, through D. Rozgaitis, with Kaunas LLA Command Post's Colonel Matulionis, Lieutenant Tuinyla and General Listopadskis.
L-238, LKA 12-10, 11 KA

December 1, 1945: Village of Biliakiemis, District of Utena
An unknown traitor reveals the location of VA [Vytautas Command] Sarunas Special Team command post to the enemy. Lieutenant V. Mikulenas, team Leader, interim commander of VA, and a former fourth year student of Medicine, is killed. Command Post documents are seized.
L-299, 490, LPK-481, LKA 16-16, 17 VA

December 1, 1945
By order Nr. 1/19 of J. Misiunas ["Zalias Velnias"-"Green Devil"], the 5th Command of LLA [Lithuanian Freedom Army] is renamed "Great Battle Command" ["Didziosios Kovos Apygarda"-"DKA"]. Two Special Teams are established: Team "A" for Trakai district and Team "B" for Ukmerge district. "C" and "D" Teams for Svencionys and Utena districts are never established.
L-327, VDr DKA

December 3, 1945
J. Vitkus ["Kazimieraitis"-"Son of Kazimieras"], leader of A Command, begins to draft regulations regarding possible partisan court martials. [Karo Lauko Teismo - KLT]
LK-180, LKA 9-42 VV

December 4, 1945
Lieutenant L. Svalkus ["Sernas"-"Wild Boar"], leader of A Command Gelezinis Vilkas [Iron Wolf] Special Team dies. L. Tarasevicius [Aras - "Eagle"] assumes leadership. Iron Wolf team members from the Rudnia Battalion join Merkys Special Team.
L-191, LKA 9-43, 45, LKA 17-173 DA

December 11, 1945
Organizing Partisan Units: Drill Practice and Leadership, a publication of instructions from "A" Command leader J. Vitkus, is distributed to partisan leaders.
LKA 9-45 DA

December 11-12, 1945
Under orders from A. Kamarauskas ["Karijotas"], leader of Tigras [Tiger] Special Team, a partisan group led by K. Kaladinskas [Ersetis - "Blackthorn"] carries out the KLT [court martial] sentence against the family of A. Miskinis, a local communist government leader in Magunai district.

A group of NVVD activists arrive at the scene of the incident and are ambushed by partisans. 13 NKVD soldiers, under the command of Rimse county NKVD Lieutenant Bondarev, are killed.
LKA 16-58 VA

December 15, 1945: Town of Merkine, District of Alytus
Partisans from Merkys Special Team, led by A. Ramanauskas ["Vanagas"-"Hawk"], assume control of Merkine. 15 enemy soldiers and 2 "stribai" are killed, J. Volungevicius ["Siaubas"-"Terror"]is fatally wounded, and 5 Lithuanian freedom-fighters loose their lives in battle. Numerous "Stribai" and NKVD men take refuge in a church tower.

The [communist-controlled] county administration building is set ablaze and important county/militia documents are confiscated.
AKL-80, L-483, LK-201, LKA 9-47 DA

December 15, 1945
Over 5 months, VA [Vytautas Command] Sarunas Special Team is virtually destroyed - 362 partisans are killed, 348 arrested, and 267 amnestied.
LKA 16-16, 17 VA

December, 1945
When V. Mikulenas ["Storulis"-"Fatty"] is killed in battle, B. Zinkevicius ["Skudutis"-"Kalvis"-"Blacksmith"-"Artojas"-"Ploughman"] is appointed officer-in-charge of VA [Vytautas Command]. Command post headquarters is moved to the County of Kuktiskiai, District of Utena. On January 15, 1946, headquarters is again moved to Uskienes farmstead in the Village of Vejele, County of Tauragnai.
L-299, LKA 16-19, 20 VA

December 16, 1945
Partisans of Marcinkonys battalion, unable to join the attack on Merkine, take over Perloja and shoot several soviet activists.
AKL-80, LKA 9-50, LKA 17-174, RD-135 DA

December 18, 1945
The Central Committee of the Communist Party renames the "stribai" [destroyer] battalions to "People's Defense Groups", with their members to be called "People's Defenders".
L-381, LPK-106 OK

December 21, 1945: Near Seirijai, District of Alytus
A. Grusauskas ["Siaubas"-"Terror"], Leader of "A" Command Seirijai Battalion, and 76 partisans lay an ambush for "stribai." 12 stribai are killed and a large quantity of weapons seized.
LKA 9-52 DA

December 30, 1945
Lieutenant-Colonel V. Stepulevicius ["Varguolis"-"Mindaugas"] is appointed leader of "A" Command Sarunas Special Team. Later, he is removed from office for dereliction of duty. A. Kulikauskas ["Daktaras"-"Doctor"], a member of the command post staff of "A" Command, is appointed interim leader. Sarunas Special Team consists of battalions from Kapciamiestis, Veisiejai, Liepalingis and Seirijai.
RD-170, L-192, LKA 9-52 DA

Late 1945, Early 1946
Captain J. Noreika, together with S. Gorodeckis and O. Lukauskaite-Poskiene, begin to form the LTT ["Lietuviu tautines tarybos"-"Lithuanian National Council"]. Their goal: Unite underground and partisan groupings.
L-129, LKA 7-172, 173 VV

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