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January 1, 1946
J. Luksa joins partisans and is placed in charge of the press section of TA “Gelezinis Vilkas” [Iron Wolf] special team.
DP-133 TA

January 6, 1946
leader of A Command J. Vitkus (“Kazimieraitis” – “son of Kazimieras”) prepares an instruction on "Drill training for partisans” and guidelines for leaders of special teams on battle training for partisans.
LKA 9-54 DA

January 6, 1946 (07)
Battle between TA Gelezinis Vilkas [Iron Wolf] special team’s 3rd company and NKVD forces in Marijampole district, Prienai county, Cepeliskiai village. J. Morkunas (“Rambynas”) was killed, as were 13 NKVD soldiers.
LBD-175, (219) TA

January 12, 1946
NKVD destroys A Command’s partisan command post by the River Skroblas near the village of Rudnia, Marcinkonys county, Alytus district. They confiscated the command post’s diary of activities.
LKA 9-5 DA

January 15-16, 1946
Soviet troops and stribai surround the bunkers of M. Laurinenas’ [Mingaila’s] company of the VA “Tigras” [Tiger] special team in the forest of Mincia, near the village of Prusai, county of Salakas, district of Zarasai. 23 partisans are killed, 2 arrested. The only ones to escape were the injured M. Laurinenas himself and several of his fighters.
LKA 16-58 VA

January 25, 1946
Soviet troops attack the betrayed partisans of P. Mykolaitis in the village of Peiksva, district of Kedainiai. P. Planciunas and A. Petrauskas killed; B. Karbocius manages to escape.

January 28, 1946
VCA partisans led by P. Blieka shoot 5 stribai and a militia chief from the city of Raguva, district of Panevezys.
LKA 10-16 VCA

January 31, 1946
TA Stirna [Deer] special team is renamed Zalgiris [Grünwald] special team.
LKA 3-25 TA

Early 1946
Destruction of VCA command post. Casualties: lieutenant A. Danyla-Kernius, B. Eglinskas-Saulius, M. Smetona-Ripka.
LKA 10-19 VCA

Early 1946
VCA leader D. Vaitelis appoints as adjutants J. Dambrauskas and J. Survila-Sarunas; command consists of 13 partisan units from district of Panevezys and 6 from Ukmerge.
LKA 10-12 VCA

Early 1946
LTT decides that VGPVV (Lithuanian armed forces senior leadership) leader should be J. Noreika (“Generolas Vetra”) [General Storm] and general secretary should be S. Gorodeckis-Radziunas.
LKA 7-174 VV

February 13, 1946
Failed military mission results in death of several command post staff including V. Jazokas- Petraitis, leader of LLA 3rd Northern Command and Zalioji [Green] special team and Sakalas, leader of Pilenai group. Command post not re-created. Special team’s interim leader is J. Skackauskas- Strausas. Special team’s nucleus (led by P. Masilaitis-Virpsa) and 25th group (led by V. Cesnakavicius-Valas) begin to act independently.
LKA 20-19 ÐA

February 15, 1946
J. Bartasiunas, commissar of the NKVD in the Lithuanian SSR, promises no reprisals to partisans (which he calls “bandits”) who surrender voluntarily. Promises they will be issued with passes and allowed to return to their homes. Meanwhile, he orders that the bodies of dead partisans be publicly desecrated.
DP-183, 184, LPK-490, 491 OK

February, 1946 02
Destruction of “Laisves gyneju” [Defenders of Freedom] special team which had operated in the Jurbarkas area. It was reformed in October under the leadership of P. Paulaitis-Barkus and named Battalion Nr. 8.
LKA 12-15 KA

February, 1946
DKA B special team, led by A. Morkunas (“Plienas”) [Steel] and command post OIC Sibaila (“Diedukas”) [Gramps] consisted of 3 battalions: one led by Petronis (“Audra”) [Storm] in the counties of Zelva and Moletai; one led by lieutenant K. Alisauskas-Spartakas in the counties of Zemaitkiemis, Pabaiska and Sesuoliai; and one led by warrant officer Balninkai, Kurkliai, and part of the county of Zelva. Later a new battalion led by S. Markauskas-Galijotas was established in the counties of Vepriai and Jonava. In 1946 a 5th battalion under the leadership of B. Jakubonis (“Stiklas”) [Glass] was established in the counties of Taujenai and Kovarskas.

Late February, 1946
LGPVV leader J. Noreika (“Generolas Vetra”) [General Storm] issued directive Nr. 7 to the effect that in the case of more mass deportations the partisans should organise "suicide squads" of 3-5 people with the motto "Our lives to help others"; one such squad of young people in Vilnius was led by student A. Janulevicius (also known as “Alfonsas” or “Lapinas” [Fox].
LKA 7-175 VV

February-March, 1946
After the death in December 1945 of A. Keberza, leader of VA Lokys [Bear] special team, his place was taken by K. Kaladinskas (known as “Ersketis” [Blackthorn] or “Sarka” [Magpie], who united the partisans of the Zarasai district. The partisans of Rimse and Duksta counties continued to answer to Tigras [Tiger] special team.
L-299, LKA 16-81, 82 VA

February-March, 1946
3rd Northern Command of LLA ceases action. 4th LLA Command (“Vytautas Command”) renamed “3rd LLA Vytautas Command”.
LKA 16-5 VA

March 5, 1946
The “Cold War” starts when Winston Churchill makes speech in US city of Fulton and warns of USSR’s dangerous policies and "Iron Curtain" separating East and West. Partisans optimistic.
LKA 7-173 VV

March 15, 1946
LGPVV leader J. Noreika (“Generolas Vetra”) [General Storm] meets underground leader of Telsiai district, ZL leader major J. Semaska, and appoints him leader of Siauliai Command.
LKA 7-173 VV

March, 1946
New partisan unit named after Povilas Luksys is formed from remaining members of annihilated “Kovas [Raven] Special Team” in Kedainiai district. First leader is J. Jasinevicius (“Margis”) [Dapple]. New leader lieutenant A. Ragauskas-Ragelis chosen on 28 September.
L-238, 486, LKA 12-10, LKA 22-198 KA

March, 1946
through their agent Kipsas (Devil), allegedly a representative of the National Committee in Vilnius, the MGB establish relations with DKA leader J. Misiunas (Zalias Velnias) [Green Devil].
L-330 OK

March 16, 1946
Arrest of LTT founders J. Noreika, S. Gorodeckis and O. Poskiene; betrayed by O. Poðkienë’s friend poet V. Valsiuniene, MGB agent “Oras” [Weather] or “Agnesë”. More LTT members, including author K. Boruta, later arrested in O. Poskiene’s flat in Vilnius. LTT destroyed.
L-129, 264, LKA 7-176, 177, LKA 8-58, LKA 17-225 VV

March 24, 1946
Death of DKA chief of staff A. Zepkus (Piliakalnis) [Castle Hill], replaced by B. Trakimas (Genelis) [Little Woodpecker].
L-330, 493 DKA

April 5, 1946
TA leader Z. Drunga (Mykolas Jonas) [Michael John] issued decree Nr. 11 which created awards for distinguished service of partisans: ribbons for bravery, diligence, and for civilians assisting partisans. V. Navickas (Auksutis) [Goldie], leader of Perkunas [Thunder] special team appointed interim second-in-command.
L-479, LKA 3-25, 27 TA

April 9, 1946
Meeting of leaders of Tauras [Aurochs] and A Command near the village of Ricieliai, Seirijai county, Alytus district. Formation of PLP (Partisans of Southern Lithuania) command post,
led by J. Vitkus (Kazimieraitis) [Son of Kazimieras],
assisted by. Z. Drunga (Mykolas Jonas) [Michael John].
Operational section headed by S. Staniskis (Antanaitis) [son of Anthony];
A. Kulikauskas (Daktaras) [Doctor] appointed interim director of information section.
PLP command post was intended to be supreme command post of all Lithuanian partisans. Dzûkai special team was to be incorporated into Tauras [Aurochs] and A commands.
L-150, 196, 477, 483, LKA 1-10, 11, LK-247, 248 PL

April 10, 1946
Death of 10 partisans of VCA group of J. Survila-Sarunas in battle with NKVD troops near the village of Varzai, Taujenai county, Ukmerge district.
L-492, LKA10-12 VCA

April 13, 1946
Meeting of Lydis (Pike) special team in the forest of Pavidauja, district of Taurage. Participation of 4 partisan units and command post staff members H. Danilevicius (Vidmantas), J. Zickus (Viksva), J. Kasperavicius (Silas) [Pine Forest]; consideration of possibility of forming a new command.
L-238 KA

April, 1946
Zaibas [Lightning] command formed in southern Zemaitija (Samogitia) under the leadership of J. Zemaitis. Unification of separate partisan units commenced, culminates in the formation in autumn of the JKA (Joint Kæstutis Command).
L-237 KA

April, 1946
Arrest of 32 ZL leaders and signalmen J. Semaska (Liepa) [Linden], V. Kucinskas (Ipras) and others.
L-487, LKA7-3 ZA

April 19, 1946
Death of TA Zalgiris [Grünwald] Special Team leader J. Kleiza (Zalvaris) [Bronze] in a battle in the village of Katinai, Jankai county, district of Sakiai. New leader J. Ilgunas (Sarunas).
LBD-183, LKA3-25 TA

April 23, 1946
PLP general staff meeting accepts Declaration on Lithuanian Partisans, which includes principles of how Lithuania’s nationhood should be restored. Dzukai Special Team assigned to A Command; Sarunas Special Team removed from A Command and transferred to Tauras (Aurochs) Command. D. Jecys (Azuolis) [Oak] given charge of A Command, remains leader of Dzukai Special Team.
KDK, L-150, 196, LK-249, LKA2-50, LPK-681 PL, DA, TA

May 2, 1946
J. Deksnys (“Alfonsas” or “Hektoras”) and V. Staneika (“Andrius” or “Meskis”) travel from Germany to Lithuania without authorisation from VLIK to suggest to the partisans that they create VLAK (Supreme Lithuanian Restoration Committee) as their centre of political leadership and BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Union) as their centre of military leadership. They told the Lithuanians that this was the will of the free world, while telling the West that this was the wish of the Lithuanian freedom fighters.
DP-548 VV

May 7, 1946
DKA leader J. Misiunas (Zalias Velnias - Green Devil) falls victim to Soviet disinformation and mistakenly contacts spurious Cheka-controlled “partisan command centre" in Vilnius asking them to send him a commanding officer and chief of command post staff. On 18 May MGB sends agent Gediminas (Margis - Dapple] (also known as kapitonas Grieztas – Captain Severe). His true identity may have been J. Stravinskas, a former military service colleague of J. Misiunas.
L-331 DKA

May 15, 1946
(1946 06) D. Jecys (Azuolis) [Oak] takes charge of A Command, changes its name to Dainava Command. It consists of about 300 fighters in 3 teams: Dzuku (led by D. Jecys), Merkys (A. Ramanauskas) and Gelezinis Vilkas [Iron Wolf] (V. Kukë – also known as Aitvaras [Goblin] or Silas [Pine Forest]).
L-150, 197, (KDK) DA

May, 1946
J. Markulis (MGB undercover agent Azuolas [Oak] – but known as Erelis [Eagle] to the partisans) makes contact with DKA in the name of the spurious “underground resistance centre”, and through it with TA and DA command posts. Thus begins the MGB infiltration and beginning of their influence over the leaders of the partisans.
L-131, 331 OK

May 19, 1946
In accordance with order Nr. 2-19 Soviet secret agents acting in the name of the spurious “underground resistance centre” appoint kapitonas Grieztas – Captain Severe (MGB agent Gediminas) interim leader of DKA. J. Misiunas stays on as his adjutant.
L-331, LKA11-36, LPK-511 DKA, OK

May 25, 1946
ZL order Nr. 10 proclaims new ZL resistance movement structure effective from 1946 04 17: ZA (Zemaitija Command) leader is F. Asoklis (Vilkas - Wolf); command post chief of staff is A. Ruzgys (Margis) [Dapple]; propaganda chief is B. Staliuniene (Vysnia - Cherry Tree). The Command consisted of special teams from Telsiai district (Ðatrija Special Team); Mazeikiai district (Alka Special Team); and Kretinga district (Kardas [Sword] Special Team).
L-264, 487, LKA7-3 ZA

May 28, 1946
PLP command post 2IC Z. Drunga (Mykolas Jonas) [Michael John] meets with J. Markulis (Erelis) [Eagle], a representative of "Aukðtaiciu partizanu ir Vienybes komiteto" [Highlands Partisan Unity Committee]. Discussions about possibility of forming a common partisan leadership and establishing links with Zemaitijan (Samogitian) partisans. Meeting attended by J. Stravinskas (Ziedas) [Bud], leader of TA Gelezinis Vilkas (Iron Wolf) Special Team; also J. Luksa (Vytis), K. Pyplys (Mazytis) [Littlie] and others.
L-151, LK-101, 250, LKA1-16, LPK-524 VV

May 31, 1946
TA leader Z. Drunga (Mykolas Jonas) [Michael John] meets with visitors from abroad J. Deksnys (Alfonsas) and V. Staneika (Andrius), who encourage the earliest possible creation of a Supreme Partisan Leadership.
L-151, LK-101, 252, 253 VV

June 3, 1946
Meeting of TA (Tauras Command) special team leaders in Skaisciunai village of Marijampolë district. Participants:
Tauras Command leader Z. Drunga (Mykolas Jonas) [Michael John];
adjutant J. Pileckis-Sarunas; Fr J. Lelesius (Krivaitis); editor of "Laisves zvalgas" [Freedom Herald], A. Baltusis (Zvejys) [Fisherman]; leader of Vytautas Special Command, Special Team leader V. Gavenas (Vampyras) [Vampire]; leader of Gelezinis Vilkas (Iron Wolf), J. Stravinskas (Ziedas) [Bud]; leader of Gediminas, V. Navickas (Auksutis) [Goldie]; leader of Zalgiris (Grünwald), J. Ilgunas (Sarunas) and others. Decision to arrange training courses for leading administrators; motion to establish a civilian political party for partisans (Lietuvos demokratu partija) [Lithuanian Democrats’ Party] to enable the partisans, once independence is regained, to participate in the political life of the country; operational territory of special teams redefined.
A. Baltusis appointed chief of staff of command post,
V. Navickas his deputy.
J. Luksa (Vytis) appointed editor of "Laisves zvalgas" (“Freedom Herald);
V. Stepulevicius (Mindaugas) appointed leader of Gediminas Special Team.
L-163, LBD-43, LK95-109, LKA3-25, LKA1-12 TA

June 4, 1946
Partisans of TA (Tauras Command) ambush and kill about 20 stribai and communist activists in the village of Grybine, near Sunskai in the district of Marijampole.
L-169, AKL-37 TA

June 6, 1946
LSSR NKGB-NKVD Colonel Nesidov of the Kaunas operational sector writes: "comrade Berija [...] has assigned us the task of smashing Lithuanian bandit groups [...] and cleansing Lithuania of anti-Soviet nationalist elements within 2-3 weeks".

June 6, 1946
Meeting at TA (Tauras Command) Gelezinis Vilkas (Iron Wolf) command post. Participants: J. Luksa, A. Varkala (Zaliukas) [Greenie], J. Markulis, J. Deksnys, V. Staneika. Formation of VLAK and BDPS. Decision to form VGPS (Vyriausiasis ginkluotuju pajegu stabas) [Supreme Armed Forces Headquarters] from representatives of armed partisans. At the suggestion of J. Deksnys it is agreed that until the final formation of VLAK a “Unity Committee” under the leadership of J. Markulis should perform the required tasks. Thus did MGB agent J. Markulis become de facto leader of the resistance movement, and unknown to J. Deksnys, his activities were controlled by the MGB.
L-131, LK-254, LKA11-37, LPK-524 VV

June 9, 1946
Death of J. Stravinskas (known as “Ziedas” [Bud] or “Kardas” [Sword]), who had been leader of TA (Tauras Command) Gelezinis Vilkas (Iron Wolf) Special Team since September 1945. With him perished six partisans in a skirmish in the grove of Pagraizis, Ðilavotas county, Marijampole district.
LBD-190, LK-625 TA

June 12, 1946
PLP operation “Hit the spies”. In one night several dozen spies were destroyed; the huts of fugitive communists, including that of the president of the Merkine branch of the party, were torched.
RD-229 PL

June 12, 1946
PLP command post adjutant and Tauras Command leader Z. Drunga (Mykolas Jonas) [Michael John] killed in a battle with NKVD troops in the forest of Agurkiske, Luksiai county, district of Sakiai, as he was on his way to Zemaitija. Also killed were the adjutant of Zalgiris Special Team and 4 partisans; 13 NKVD men were killed. V. Navickas (Auksutis) [Goldie] becomes interim leader of TA.
L-152, 479, LBD-186, 194, LK-111, 607, LKA3-26 TA

June 13, 1946
Upon the death of the leader of the Vaidotas group of Dzukai Special team, K. Degutis (Raginis), in the forest of Balbieriskis, Marijampole district, new leader is J. Petraska (also known as Patrimpas or Lapaitis [Foxie]).
LKA9-90 DA

June, 1946
On the orders of P. Zinkevicius, interim leader of VA, the Liutas (Lion) Special Team was formed from the remnants of the Sarunas Special Team. The command post staff structure was decided by July: leader V. Pakstas (Naras, Vaidotas); deputy B. Kalytis (Siaubas) [Terror], former leader of Kestutis company. Area of operation: district of Utena and parts of districts of Svencionys, Zarasai, Rokiskis. Newsletter "Laisves sauklys" (“Freedom Herald”) published.
L-299, 490, LKA16-32, 121, 125 VA

Summer of 1946
J. Vasiliauskas (Skydas [Shield], Algimantas) appointed chairman of TA (Tauras Command) court martial tribunal. LBD-193 TA ? 1946 06 21 As part of a misinformation initiative MGB agent Kipsas (Devil) gave J. Misiunas (Zalias Velnias) [Green Devil] 15 copies of the newspaper "Vienybe" (Unity), which had been published by the MGB as an alleged "underground journal" with the help of collaborators in DKA (Great Battle Command). This ruse deceived J. Misiunas into thinking that Kipsas represented a bona fide partisan organisation. At that time DKA had 2 086 members, of which 836 were partisans.
L-327, 331, LPK-510 DKA

July 2, 1946 (12) (17)
PLP (South Lithuanian Partisans) leader Lieutenant Colonel Juozas Vitkus (Kazimieraitis) [son of Kazimieras] unexpectedly encounters NKVD troops at Zaliamiskis, near the village of Liepiskiai, Leipalingis county, Lazdijai district; kills 2 enemy soldiers, is himself heavily injured and dies on the way to Leipalingis. Interim leader is command post chief S. Staniskis (Antanaitis) [son of Anthony].
L-152, 483, LBD-190, LK-601, (L-477, LPK-681, RD-236), (KDK) PL

July 4, 1946
At a meeting of TA (Tauras Command) leaders A. Baltusis (Zvejys) [Fisherman] is appointed Commander. J. Jasulaitis (Kazokas) [Cossack] is appointed leader of Gelezinis Vilkas (Iron Wolf) Special Team; however, he failed to perform his duties and at the end of October A. Varkala (Zaliukas, Daumantas) was appointed leader.
L-166, 479, LK -110, LKA3-27 TA

July 5-6, 1946
TA (Tauras Command) leader A. Baltusis (Zvejys) [Fisherman] issues orders Nr. 23 and Nr. 24 proclaiming that the freedom fighters constitute a military organisation and therefore its members are bound by military discipline, and are required to respect their leaders and unhesitatingly carry out their orders; the partisans are to wear Lithuanian Army uniforms with insignia showing their rank.
L-167, 479, LK-111, LKA3-29 TA

July 6, 1946 07 06
Battle of Pyragiai forest in the district of Raseiniai: NKVD troops attack the fortified camp of Zebenkstis Special Team, which had 27 bunkers. One partisan killed in the 3-hour battle; the partisans retreat. L-86 KA

July 24, 1946 07 24
Through MGB agents Kipsas (Devil) and Kibirkðtis (Spark) DKA (Great Battle Command) leader J. Misiunas (Zalias Velnias) [Green Devil] gives kapitonas Grieztas (Captain Severe) information about the Command’s leadership and the composition and weaponry of A and B special teams. Acting on this information MVD troops begin a mass search for partisans.
L-332 DKA

August 12, 1946
At the request of J. Deksnys, MGB agent J. Markulis calls a meeting of representatives of all the Commands of the Lithuanian partisans. Meeting takes place in Vilnius, in a flat owned by the MGB. VGPS is formed, consisting of 2 representatives of each partisan region and also individuals recommended by BDPS. Hence the VGPÐ was effectively under the control of BDPS.
L-131, 332, LKA3-50, LKA8-64, LKA11-37, LPK-528 OK, VV

August 12-13, 1946
Military Court in Vilnius sentences 19 members of youth groups for having participated in the underground resistance movement at the behest of LTT (Lithuanian National Council).
LKA7-206, 207 VV

August 13, 1946 08 13
At the insistence of DKA leader “kapitonas Grieztas” (Captain Severe) J. Misiunas (Zalias Velnias) [Green Devil] comes to Vilnius to attend a meeting of partisan command leaders organised by J. Markulis. The next day (14 June) J. Misiunas is arrested and later killed.
L-332, LK-625, LKA8-60, LKA11-37, LPK-720 DKA

August 15, 1946
TA (Tauras Command) leadership accepts "Drausmes nuostatai" (Code of Discipline) for Lithuanian Freedom Fighters.
LK-149 TA

August, 1946
Zebenkstis Special Team, operating in Raseiniai district, is renamed Sernas (Wild Boar) Special Team; after leading it for only 20 days A. Zaskevicius (Salna) [Frost] leaves to take up a job in Vilnius in the administration of the BDPS set up by J. Markulis. In September command of the Special Team is taken over by J. Zemaitis; in November he renames it “Volunteer Special Time” for the purpose of dissimulation.
L-238, 486, LKA12-11 KA

August 23, 1946
DA (Daina Command) Gelezinis Vilkas (Iron Wolf) special team disbanded; its operational territory is assigned to Dzukai and Merkys Special Teams.
L-201, 483, KDK DA

August 25, 1946
On the orders of P. Zinkevicius, interim leader of VA (Vytautas Command), the leader of Liûtas (Lion) Special Team, V. Pakstas (Vaidotas) is appointed Deputy Commander; new leader of Liutas Special Team is V. Kaulinis (Miskinis) [Bushman], former leader of Gediminas Company.
L-299, 490, LKA 16-36, LPK-681 VA

September 1, 1946
TA (Tauras Command) leader A. Baltusis (Zvejys) [Fisherman] order team leaders to keep a record of atrocities committed by the Soviet invaders against the people of Lithuania.
LK-558 TA

September, 1946
Formal presentation ceremony of service medals to partisans of Vytautas Special Team takes place in village of Ungurine, Liudvinavas county, district of Marijampole.
LKA3-29 TA

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