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War Chronicle of the Partisans: Part V
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Prepared: Algis Rupainis
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September of 1946
Following the arrest of ZA (Samogitian Legion) leader F. Asoklis, the new leader is Captain K. Antanavicius (Tauras – "Aurochs"); his adjutant is P. Antanavicius; organisational section leader A. Ruzgys (aka Margis ["Dapple"], Algimantas or Algis); command post members K. Malakauskas (Bimba) and German Army officer Major Vilis (Willis?). Three special teams and their companies formed.
AL-283, L-264, 487, LKA7-3 ZA

September 17, 1946
Partisans of Zagariai village, Balbieriskis county, Prienai district, liquidate LKP CK functionary Bobrikov, district Komsomol [Communist Youth] 2nd secretary Jucys and 3 stribai.

September 25, 1946
Following a meeting of Special Team representatives on August 12 and 21, JKA (Joint Kestutis Command) formed from Lydys ("Pike"), Zaltys ("Snake"), Sernas ("Boar"), Vytautas Didysis ("Vytautas the Great") and Lietuvos laisvës gynëjai ("Defenders of Lithuania's Freedom") Special Teams. Lieutenant J. Kasperavicius (aka Angis, later Visvydas) appointed Commander; P. Bartkus (Rimgaila) appointed leader of organisational section; information section - P. Paulaitis-Barkus; representative on J. Markulis' BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) - A. Zaskevicius (Salna – "Frost"); liaison officer N. Nausedaite (Rasa – "Dew"). The Command included the regions of Klaipeda, Taurage, Raseiniai and part of the regions of Kaunas, Kedainiai and Siauliai. Corps of 2,000 fighters, about 500 armed partisans.
L-242, 486, LK-114-132, LKA12-15, 30, 64 KA

September 28, 1946
Group of VČA (Vytis Command) partisans led by J. Survila (Sarunas) attack town of Siesikai in Ukmerge district, burn down MVD building, shoot several county activists (communists).
L-491, LKA10-12 VCA

Autumn, 1946
TA (Tauras Command) leader J. Baltusis (Zvejys – "Fisherman") issues instructions to leaders of Special Teams on destruction of stribai groupings in order to frighten and demoralise the stribai; also instructions on obtaining grain for the winter from stocks that had been confiscated from farmers by the communist authorities.
DP-213, 216 TA

Autumn, 1946
VA (Vytautas Command) command post consists of interim leader B. Zinkevicius (Artojas – "Ploughman"); command post OIC V. Pakstas (aka Naras – "Diver Bird" or Vaidotas); organisational sector leader V. Zaliduonis (aka Rokas or Diakonas "Deacon"); military intelligence and liaison section leader J. Buterliauskas (Tarzanas – "Tarzan"). The command post published the newspaper "Aukstaiciu kova" ("Struggle of the Highlanders").
L-299, LKA16-21 VA

Autumn, 1946
Following an attack by 3,000 MVD soldiers VA (Vytautas Command) Liűtas ("Lion") Special Team suffers huge losses; organisational structure saved only by diligent leadership of V. Kaulinis (Miskinis – "Bushman").
LKA16-36 VA

Autumn, 1946
Genys ("Woodpecker") company, which had been active in Joniskis and Siauliai districts, reorganised into JKA (Joint Kestutis Command) Voverë ("Squirrel") Special Team. Command post located in Zagare county; leader A. Valancius (Oksas, Tauras) killed in action on 11 August 1947.

Autumn, 1946
2 partisans of VA (Vytautas Command) Tigras ("Tiger") Special Team killed in an attack by MGB troops in Dvariskiai village, Tverečius county, Svencionys district. MGB allows 2 other partisans to escape so that they can tell the other partisans about the feigned death of Team leader A. Kamarauskas (Karijotas), who had been MGB agent Vlasov since June 1946) and was being withdrawn by the MGB from Tigras Special Team.
L-301, LKA16-61 VA

October 1, 1946
By order of the leader of VA (Vytautas Command), A. Kamarauskas (Karijotas) who could not see eye to eye with the VA leadership, is replaced as leader of Tigras ("Tiger") Special Team, V. Zaliaduonis (aka Rokas or Diakonas ("Deacon"), who was at that time in Belarus and not contactable; Tigras Special Team without leader for about six months.
L-301, LKA16-61 VA

October 11, 1946 (01)
Treachery leads to death of interim leader of VA (Vytautas Command), B. Zinkevicius (Artojas – "Ploughman") in command post bunker on the Petkevicius farmstead in the settlement of Sudalaukis, Saldutiskis county, Svenčionys district. Enemies seize command post maps and other documents. V. Pakstas (aka Naras "Diver Bird" or Vaidotas) believed to have become interim commander.
LKA16-21, 61, (L-302, 490) VA

October 13, 1946
DA (Dainava Command) adjutant A. Ramanauskas (Vanagas – "Hawk") visits site of PLP (South Lithuanian Partisans) command post in territory of Sarunas Special Team, decides that command post no longer functional after the death of J. Vitkus (Kazimieraitis – "son of Kazimieras"). A. Kulikauskas (Daktaras – "Doctor") departs for Vilnius to join J. Markulis' BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement); S. Staniskis (Litas) withdraws from partisan movement; DA leader D. Jecys (Azuolis – "Oak") offered task of reviving PLP command post activity.
RD-260, L-152 DA

October, 1946
Previously autonomous Algirdas and Dobilas companies of Sarunas Special Team (led by A. Slucka – "Sarunas") in the Kupiskis district become part of VA (Vytautas Command).
LKA16-121 VA

October, 1946
ZA (Samogitian Command) Alka Special Team now headed by K. Venckus (Adomaitis); confirmed as leader on 25 July 1947. L-267, 487

October 22, 1946
TA (Tauras Command) leader A. Baltusis (Zvejys – Fisherman) and several of his fighters attacked by NKVD troops in village of Viltrakiai, Zvirgzdaiciai county, Sakiai district. Death of leader of Zalgiris Special Team, J. Ilgunas, also TA founder J. Pileckis (Sarunas) and several partisans. J. Jasulaitis (Kazokas) becomes leader of Zalgiris Special Team.
L-170, 479, LBD-145, 185, 187, LK-616 TA

October 23, 1946
VA (Vytautas Command) Lokys ("Bear") Special Team partisans, led by A. Ivaska, assail Communist party branch meeting in Suviekas village, Imbradas county, Zarasai district, killing E. Misiunas, executive committee chairman for Zarasai district, also Suviekas electorate committee chairman P. Berdinskas, and wounding owner of the house, P. Malinauskas and Zarasai Communist party committee instructor P. Aruliene.
LKA16-83 VA

November 1, 1946
MGB agent "Vlasov" (VGPS [Supreme Armed Forces Command] leader A. Kamarauskas – "Colonel Vytis") gives J. Luksa the rank of captain, appoints him adjutant of VGPS command post, member of the Military College, and puts him in charge of VGPS organisational matters and liaison with other partisan Commands.
DP-210, 211, 478 VV

November 1, 1946
DA (Dainava Command) leader D. Jecys (Azuolis – "Oak") takes charge of PLP (South Lithuania Partisans), makes leader of TA (Tauras Command) his deputy.
L-152, (L-477) PL

November 14, 1946 (15)
Partisans led by V. Voveris (Zaibas – "Lightning") kill 18 MVD agents and stribai, including the MVD chief of Daugai county, near Rakatanskai village, Daugai county, Alytus district.
AKL-12, LK-218, LKA6-8, (L-220) DA

November, 1946
Meeting of leaders of TA (Tauras Command) with participation of TA leader A. Baltusis (Zvejys – "Fisherman"), TA political section leader A. Vabalas (Gediminas) and leaders of Special Teams, J. Luksa and J. Markulis. VGPS (Supreme Armed Forces Command) leadership role in partisan activity acknowledged; meeting of all Lithuanian partisan district commanders scheduled for 18 January 1947, when creation of BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) and VLAK (Supreme Committee for Restoration of Lithuania) would be officially confirmed.
DP-484 PL, OK, TA, VV

November, 1946
Destruction of LPS (Lithuanian Partisans' Union)Gediminas organisation, which had been operating in Uzpales, Juzintai and Svedasai counties. Remaining members joined VA (Vytautas Command) Lokys ("Bear") Special Team.
L-295 VA

November 20-22, 1946
Vilnius War Tribunal passes death sentence on LTT (Lithuanian National Council) activists J. Noreika ir Z. Serksnas. S. Gorodeckis is sentenced to ten years in prison.
LKA7-176 VV

November 26, 1946
Arrest in Vilnius of DA (Dainava Command) partisan representative on BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement), A. Kulikauskas (Daktaras – "Doctor").
DP-521, 522, LK-594 VV

End of 1946
First VGPS (Supreme Armed Forces Command) meeting takes place in the headquarters (Zygio Street, Vilnius). BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) represented by J. Markulis; VGPS by A. Kamarauskas ("Colonel Vytis"), J. Luksa (Kazimieras) and A. Zaskevicius (Tautvaisa). VGPS issues first edict, prepared by J. Luksa, confirming division of Lithuania into 3 regions of partisan activity; regional partisan leaders confirmed.
DP-482 OK, VV

End of 1946
A. Morkunas (Plienas – "Steel"), leader of DKA (Great Battle Command) B Special Team refuses to report state of weaponry and liaison to DKA leader "Kapitonas Grieztas" – "Captain Severe".
L-334 DKA

December 7, 1946
Arrest of author K. Bajercius, organiser and supporter of South Lithuania partisans, lecturer at Alytus Teachers' College. Did not betray anyone; tortured to death by MGB in Alytus prison at the beginning of 1947. Posthumously awarded Laisves Kovos Karzygis (Hero of Freedom Struggle) medal honoris causa.
LK-586 PL

December 9, 1946
Partisans attack Skapiskis railway station in the district of Rokiskis killing stationmaster and 2 individuals.
L-25, AKL-33 VA

December 20, 1946
Leader of DKA (Great Battle Command) MGB agent "Kapitonas Grieztas" ("Captain Severe") orders submission of DKA to J. Markulis' BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement); appoints active partisan leaders B. Trakymas (Genelis – "Little Woodpecker"), L. Kupciunas (Tigras – "Tiger"), P. Klimavicius (Uosis – "Ash Tree") and others to DKA command post. During 1947 "Captain Severe" arranged false documents for all of these so they could live in Vilnius. In February-March 1948 they were arrested and sentenced, some being unwittingly used for MGB purposes.
L-332, 333 VDr DKA

December 22, 1946
Meeting of leaders of JKA (Joint Kestutis Command). Participation of Commander J. Kasperavičius (Visvydas), organisational sector leader P. Bartkus (Rimgaila), also J. Markulis (Erelis – "Eagle"), J. Luksa (Kazimieras), A. Zaskevičius (Tautvaisa). Those present agreed to participate in another leaders' meeting on 18 January 1947. J. Markulis was able to ascertain approximate position of command post location.
L-243, DP-485, LKA12-16 VV, OK

December 25, 1946
MVD troops attack partisans of LKA Special Team led by Povilas Luksys as they celebrate Christmas in the belltower of the chapel on Labunava Manor in Kedainiai district. Despite their spirited resistance, 4 partisans and 7 supporters – among them 4 women – were killed or shot themselves. A. Dalbokas (Imperatorius – "Emperor"), leader of the partisans of 4th region, and liaison officer A. Muralis (Vingis) surrendered and betrayed their comrades. As a result, 28 team members were arrested, including deputy leader, team founder Sub- Lieutenant J. Jasinevicius (Margis – "Dapple").
MK-118, 123. LKA22-198 KA

December 28, 1946
After considering available evidence, J. Lukđa, A. Zaskevicius and B. Barzdziukas realise that J. Markulis is an MGB agent. J. Luksa leaves Vilnius to take news of J. Markulis' treachery to TA (Tauras Command).
L-133, LKA11-40 VV

January 3, 1947
Partisans of Dainava Command operating in the forest of Gediminas cut down telephone poles along a 2.5 km stretch of the Alytus-Daugai road, destroying 2 lorries and 1 car and killing an MVD officer.
LBD-228 DA

January 4, 1947
Betrayal causes death of TA (Tauras Command) Zalgiris Special Team leader J. Jasulaitis (Kazokas) in the village of Kampines, Veiveriai county, Marijampole district. Also killed was chief of finance section, A. Martinaitis (Kapsas). V. Strimas (Sturmas - "Storm") becomes new leader.
LBD-183, 184, LK-601 TA

January 6, 1947
On his return to Vilnius after his errand to TA (Tauras Command), J. Luksa meets with B. Barzdziukas, A. Varkala, A. Zaskevicius, S. Luksa and N. Nausedaite. Attempting to expose the suspect J. Markulis they invited him to visit Vytautas Command. J. Markulis declined the offer, possibly having been warned off by A. Zaskevičius.
LKA12-158 VV

January 10, 1947
By order of MGB agent, BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) Chairman J. Markulis, A. Baltusis (Zvejys - "Fisherman") is appointed leader of PL (Southern Lithuania) region. On 12 January J. Kimstas is appointed leader of RL (Eastern Lithuania) region. Through its front organisation, the BDPS, the MGB sought to lead the partisan movement. J. Markulis advised that he was changing his code name of Erelis ("Eagle") to "Doctor Narutavicius". He also changed the code name of secret MGB agent Azuolas ("Oak") to "Noreika"), thus hoping to mislead the partisans who suspected him.
L-401, LKA11-41 RL, OK

Early January, 1947
TA (Tauras Command) leaders, Zemaitijan (Samogitian) partisans and legally documented secret underground activists warned of J. Markulis' treachery.
LKA11-6 VV

January 12, 1947
On order of TA (Tauras Command) leader A. Baltusis (Zvejys – "Fisherman") Birute Special Team is created to strengthen partisan activity in Kaunas and surrounding districts. From 20 January 1947 Team leader is J. Luksa (Skirmantas). Kestutis Special Team is formed in Vilkaviskis district from Vytautas and Zalgiris Special Teams. K. Pinkvarta (Desinys – "Right Hander") appointed leader but unable to take up appointment because of illness. On 10 April K. Greblikas (Sakalas – "Falcon") is appointed leader.
LKA3-30 TA

January 15-16, 1947
As J. Markulis' treachery becomes clear, TA (Tauras Command) convenes urgent meeting of fighters' representatives at its command post. TA represented by leader A. Baltusis (Zvejys – "Fisherman"), political section leader V. Vabalas (Gediminas) and Special Team leaders A. Varkala (Zaliukas – "Greenie"), V. Strimas (Sturmas "Storm") and V. Gavenas (Vampyras – "Vampire"). DA (Dainava Command) represented by J. Kriksciunas (Rimvydas). Also present were former VGPS (Supreme Armed Forces Command) 2nd group leader A. Zaskevicius (Tautvaisa) and former VGPS adjutant J. Luksa (Kazimieras). KA (Kestutis Command) and VA (Vytautas Command) representatives were not able to attend. It was decided to marginalise MGB provocateur J. Markulis from all sensitive dealings and to form a new BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) and VGPS; to establish links abroad; to invite Commands which were not represented at the meeting to cooperate with the new BDPS and VGPS. An interim BDPS committee was formed chaired by A. Vabalas (Gediminas). VGPS command post established under A. Baltusis. Commands invited to nominate representatives for command post.
L-133, LK-269-273, LKA11-17 VV

January, 1947
JKA (Joint Kestutis Command) Battalion Nr. 8 (formerly called Lithuanian Freedom Defenders Special Team) renamed Trys Lelijos ("Three Lilies") Special Team. Leader P. Paulaitis (Barkus).
L-242, 258, 485, LKA12-15, LKA18-84, 85 KA

January 17, 1947 01 17
inaugural meeting of VLAK (Supreme Committee for Restoration of Lithuania) delegation abroad in Stockholm. Decision to maintain links and exchange information with still-operating Lithuanian diplomatic missions abroad through Head of Diplomatic Corps, S. Lozoraitis; also with VLIK executive committee. Overseas delegation consisted of J. Deksnys, V. Staneika, Vokietaitis, Bieliukas and S. Zakevičius (Zymantas). LKA8-71 VV

Early 1947
VCA (Vytis Command) command post consists of Commander D. Vaitelis and staff members Will(is) [a German], J. Kilijokas (Mikas – "Mike"), A. Kadzys, A. Sivys (Salapka), V. Darguzis (Zvirblis – "Sparrow"), A. Pakeltis, V. Burbulis (Begunas – "Runner"), J. Jaskonis (Anukas – "Grandson"). It is believed that the VCA command post had no sectional structure in 1946-1947 and did not issue any edicts, instructions or publications. Command post staff visited partisan units and conveyed verbal orders to them.
LKA10-19, 20 VCA

February 14, 1947
TA (Tauras Command) legal adviser Budrys publishes Act No. 4 concerning bolshevik crimes in relation to illegal elections of 9 February 1947; 18 breaches of electoral statutes listed. Act signed by Budrys and 2 witnesses: A. Baltusis (Zvejys – "Fisherman") and Father J. Lelesius (Gafas).
DP-248 TA

February, 1947
MGB agent L. Maksimov (Antanas) goes to Poland to see partisan liaison officer Pečeliűnas to clarify channels of communication. Peceliunas informed Vokietaitis and J. Deksnys in Stockholm of the discussion.
LKA8-69 OK

February 16, 1947
Duktas forest near Siauliai: death of KA (Kestutis Command) Vytautas Didysis Special Team leader Senior Warrant Officer J. Beloglovas (aka Algis or Zydrunas), who had been with the partisans since the autumn of 1944. Also killed were 3 command post members. New leader is J. Puslys (Gailius).
LKA8-54, 56 KA

February 18-19, 1947
Under instructions from TA (Tauras Command) Vytautas Special Team leader V. Gavënas (Vampyras – "Vampire") J. Senkutë – (Puselë – "Little Pine") organises a Shrovetide ball, which is also supposed to be an "engagement party", to which she invites several Communist party activists from Marijampole. The "fiancé", Vytautas Special Team command post member K. Pyplys (Mazytis – "Littlie") kills 4 Communists, including S. Bakevicius, district Communist Party First Secretary, a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Lithuanian SSR; Gurevicius, director of internal passports section; and county executive committee chairman Jasiunas.
DP-248, L-169, LK-228, VT-155 TA

March 5, 1947
Partisans of TA (Tauras Command) Gelezinis Vilkas ("Iron Wolf") Special Team engage in battle with NKVD troops from Garliava in Jurgiskiai village, Garliava county, Kaunas district. Death of 4 partisans and 8 NKVD men.
LBD-176, 214, 220 TA

March, 1947
At the DA (Dainava Command) headquarters in the pine forest of Punia, PLP (South Lithuania Partisans) leader D. Jecys (Azuolis – "Oak") authorises A. Baltusis (Zvejys – "Fisherman") to represent DA in discussions with the partisans of Zemaitija (Samogitia). He also endorsed A. Baltusis' efforts to establish links with the West. These decisions of D. Jecys were confirmed by A. Ramanauskas, who became leader of DA in the autumn of 1947. J. Zemaitis (Vytautas) considered A. Baltusis to be de facto leader of PLP.
L-153, 154, 477 DA

March, 1947
JKA (Joint Kestutis Command) command post prepares operational guidelines for the OS (organisational sector).
LK-157 KA

March 19, 1947
Partisans of TA (Tauras Command) Vytautas Special Team, led by V. Gavenas (Vampyras – "Vampire") took over the Bukta "sovchoz" (State collective farm) located on the former Bukta estate in the county of Liudvinavas, Marijampole district, destroying sovchoz and local forestry documents. An ambush was set for NKVD men, border guards and stribai who came to investigate. In the ensuing shoot-out they shot about 20 NKVD soldiers and stribai (9 according to MGB sources); 2 partisans were killed.
DP-262, LBD-162, LPK-535 TA

Spring of 1947
Mass interrogations of residents of Suvalkija as MGB endeavours to ascertain partisan gathering points, extent of their weaponry and suchlike.
DP-235 OK

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