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Prepared: Algis Rupainis
A Special Thanks To: Voruta - Lithuanian Historical Weekly and Vartiklis. for permission to re-publish.
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January, 1945
L. Vilutis [Arunas], leader of the LLA's Tiger [Tigras] special team is captured. Headquarters commander B. Kaletka [Kestutis] becomes interim leader. The special team now consists of about 300 fighters. Headquarters is located in Adutiskis County of Svencionys district.
L-295, LKA 16-9, 10. VL-143. VA.

January, 1945: Town of Silavotas, District of Marijampole
Partisans assume control of Silavotas. A second assault on Silavotas is organised by Kuzmickas ["Moose"-"Briedis"], leader of the Prienai group. Tenative attack date: February 1945.
DP-78, 80, 81, L-161, 478. TA.

January 31, 1945: Town of Gudeliai, District of Marijampole
Partisans attack Gudeliai, liberate prisoners, and destroy county documents.
KDK, L-481. TA.

Early January, 1945
Senior Lieutenant D. Vaitelis [“Moose"-"Briedis] assumes command of VEA [Vytis Command]. J. Survila [Sarunas] and Lieutenant. P. Blieka serve as adjutants.
L-491. VEA.

Early January, 1945: Town of Pagiriai, District of Ukmerge
VEA leader D. Vaitelis declares an amnesty for the "destroyers" [stribai] active in Pagiriai. Thirty-two armed “destroyers” escape Pagiriai; some join J. Dambrauskas partisan group. L-321, 491, LKA 10-8. VEA.

Early January, 1945
The Vytautas special team is organised under the leadership of V. Gavenas [“Vampire”-"Vampyras"]. Assigned territories include the Counties of Marijampole, Kalvarija and Liubavas in the District of Marijampole and the Counties of Alvitas, Keturvalakiai, Bartininkai, Kybartai, Pajavonis, Grapiskiai, Vistyciai and Vilkaviskis in the District of Vilkaviskis.
LBD-185. TA.

Early January, 1945: County of Leipalingis, District of Lazdijai
A combined unit of approximately 60 partisans, under the command of Lieutenant Boleslovas Simkonis [Sarunas] continues covert activities in Leipalingis county.
L-188. DA.

Early January, 1945: Zemaitija (Samogitia)
A group of 117 terrorists, led by NKVD Senior Lieutenant Sichov, is active in Zemaitija (Samogitia). Impersonating Lithuanian partisans, they murder local villagers, hoping to compromise the partisan cause.
RP-11. OK.

Early February 1, 1945: Village of Meskyne, County of Turgeliai
A group of Polish partisans, under the command of Komar, disarm and kill 6 Soviet "destroyers" [stribai]. Along with the "destroyers", a militiaman from Turgeliai is murdered.

February 5, 1945: Near the Village of Maeiunai, County of Kapciamiestis, District of Lazdijai
Lieutenant B. Simkonis ["Sarunas"] and 6 freedom-fighters are killed by an NKVD armed unit.
LKA 17-16. DA.

February 8, 1945: County of Onuskis, District of Trakai.
Partisan units of V. Voveris ["Lightning"-"Zaibas"], A. Kuslys ["Wolf"-"Vilkas"] and J. Jakubavicius ["Rye"-"Rugys"] are attack by "destroyers" [stribai] and NKVD forces at the battle of Migucionys. 7 [possibly 9] partisans and 17 [possibly 20] Soviet soldiers die. After the battle, NKVD forces and "destroyers" murder 11 villagers and torch 15 farmsteads.
L-217, 481, KDK, (ALK-74, Al-232, LKA 17-15). DA.

February 9, 1945
J. Paleckis, M. Gedvilas and A. Snieckus, speaking for the Lithuanian SSR, offer "amnesty" to any partisan who surrenders to Soviet authorities. Those who did not capitulate will face "a despicable death" and their parents, wives, brothers and sisters would carry "eternal shame." The "amnesty" was repeated on May 31, 1945.

February 12, 1945: The Town of Miroslavas, District of Alytus
A partisan group led by A. Kuslys ["Wolf"-"Vilkas"] assume control of Miroslavas, eliminating 12 "destroyers", 2 militiamen and 3 communist activists. The group proceeds to torch several government buildings.
KDK, L-24, 481, LKA 17-15, 114, LPK-462. DA.

February 15, 1945: The Forest of Lenciai, Near the Village of Graubai, County of Krakiai, District of Kedainiai
V. Pabarcius and 21 partisans are killed in a skirmish with Soviet troops in the forest of Lenciai.
L-376, MK2-102. KA.

February 15, 1945
Senior Lieutenant M. Kareckas ["Keistenis" - AKA: "Black Currant"-"Serbentas"] assumes command of the 5th LLA region, changing its name to the LLA 5th Command. J. Misiunas ["Green Devil"-"Zalias Velnias"] is appointed adjutant. Assistants include:
     J. Urbonavicius ["Dreamer"-"Svajunas"]: Head of Headquarters & Operations Section
     S. Misiunas ["Senior"-"Senis"]: Responsible Authority, Weapons Section
     E. Kavaliauskas ["Clown"-"Klounas"]: Organisation
     D. Mataciunas ["Jasmin"-"Jazminas"]: Military Intelligence
     J. Zvirblis ["Thorn"-"Dagilis"]: Counter-Espionage
     J. Markulis ["Ghost" - "Vaiduoklis"]: Agitation and Propaganda
     Father L. Puzonas: Army Chaplain of the Command
L-326, VDr. DKA.

February 1945
The 3rd LLA [Lithuanian Freedom Army] Northern Command is formed to operate in the northern half of the Panevezys district. Lieutenant S. Girdziunas ["May"-"Geguzis"] assumes command. His assistant and officer-in-charge of headquarters is Lieutenant V. Jazokas ["Peter's Son"-"Petraitis"]. 500 men fall under their command. Individual teams consisting of approximately 20 freedom fighters each are created. DL-4, PPS. SA.

February 1945
An estimated 200 partisans, led by J. Misiunas ["Green Devil"-"Zalias Velnias"], skirmish with an NKVD unit. Reports indicate 20 partisans are killed.
L-329, 493. DKA.

February 20, 1945: Panevezys Railway Station
Partisans of the VEA [Vytis Command] attack Panevezys Railway Station.
L-25. VEA.

February 21, 1945: Village of Liepakojai, County of Simnas, District of Alytus
Without warning, NKVD troops attack partisans of the Kestutis group in the Village of Liepakojai and execute approximately 20 partisans, including the group's leader, A. Kuslys ["Wolf"-"Vilkas"].
LPK-468. DA.

February 23, 1945: Town of Rudamina, District of Lazdijai
A reported 200 partisans attack Rudamina and kill 7 "destroyers." Political prisoners are liberated and weapons are seized from the NKVD magazine [arsenal].
L-24, 481, LKA 17-15. DA.

February 23, 1945: Near the Village of Kancenai, County of Daugai, District of Alytus
Partisans led by V. Voveris ["Lightning"-"Zaibas"] lay an ambush near the village of Kancenai. 9 local "destroyers" are killed.
LKA 17-15. DA.

February 24-25, 1945: Telsiai Headquarters of The LLA [Lithuanian Freedom Army)
The First Samogitian (Zemaiciu) Legion (ZL) holds an organisation meeting. Beginning in March, the Legion's leader will be A. Kubilius [Balys]. The ZL will operate in the districts of Telsiai, Kretinga, Mazeikiai and Taurage.
L-262, 487, LKA 7-46, LPK-684. PA.

February 28, 1945: Village of Panara, County of Merkine, District of Alytus
A partisan unit led by Lieutenant K. Lukosiunas [Lukosius] engages NKVD troops in battle near the Village of Panara. They [the partisans] make an orderly retreat to Paliamiskis. Lieutenant Lukosiunas and 3 [possibly 7] freedom-fighters are killed.
L-217, LKA 17-16 (L-482), LKA 5-97.DA.

Early March, 1945: Village of Panara, County of Merkine, District of Alytus
A. Eidimtas [Pybartas], leader of the Lithuanian Freedom Army contacts LIT [The Lithuanian Liberation Council]. A new unit in Kaunas is created to coordinate both armed and unarmed resistance and a decision made: LIT
[L. Dambrauskas and M. Bloznelis] will play the leading role in political activity, LLA will concentrate on partisan military actions.

Around March 11-14, 1945: The Grove of Labanoras, Forest of Kiauneliskis, County of Saldutiskis, District of Svencionys
A battle begins in the grove of Labanoras. NKVD troops surround the fortified field headquarters of the Tiger's [Tigras] special team and murder a minimum of 73 [possibly 83] partisans in a group led by A. Krivickas [Romelis]. Casualties include Major Kirvis, officer in command of headquarters, and A. Jursys [Vytenis], the group’s leader. Many NKVD troops are killed [estimates unavailable].
AL-220 (LKA 16-9), (L-489), (L-352), (LKA 14-60). VA.

March, 1945: District of Ukmerge, County of Vepriai, Near the Village of Gudeliai [Gudoniai]
Paratroop Captain Z. Raulinis creates LPS [The Lithuanian Partisans' Union], nucleus of the Gediminas unit. Major Rapaitis [Gediminas] is named commander.
L-295, LKA 18-60. VA.

March 2-20, 1945: Village of Gudeliai [Concurrent to Above]
60 or 70 partisans of the 5th LLA [Lithuanian Freedom Army] command clash with NKVD troops and “destroyers”. Estimated partisan casualties range from 19 to 36. A significant number of the enemy are killed [figures unavailable].
L-329, 493, VDr, (GK). DKA.

March 25, 1945: The Town of Punia, District of Alytus
Partisans occupy Punia and execute the chairman of the local communist government.
LKA 17-15. DA.

March 27, 1945: The Forests of Azagai and Eimuliskis, District of Panevezys
A major battle occurs in Panevezys district. Approximately 70 partisans and 400 soldiers from the Vetrov division are killed. PPS VEA.

March 27, 1945: County of Musninkai, District of Ukmerge
Headquarters of the 5th LLA (Lithuanian Freedom Army) command at Ciobiskis is destroyed. Casualties include J. Markulis ["Ghost"-"Vaiduoklis"] and V. Marcinauskas ["Crust"-"Pluta"]. S. Misiunas ["Senior"-"Senis"] and V. Akunis ["Squirrel"-"Voveris"] are arrested. Commissioned officer A. Zepkus ["Mound"-"Piliakalnis"] assumes command as officer in charge of headquarters and E. Svilas ["Plum"-"Slyva"] is put in charge of agitation and propaganda.
L-326, VDr. DKA.

March, 1945
The Green [Zalioji] special team is formed to operate in the Districts of Radviliskis, Pakruojis, Seduva, Baisiogala and Smilgiai. Key staff members include:
     Designated Leader: Captain I. Pucevicius [Radvila]
     Deputy Lieutenant: P. Blieka
     Adjutant: A. Piekus [Balsys]
     Chronicler: V. Vysniauskas.
The special team nucleus consists of approximately 100 fighters stationed in the forests of Radviloniai and Liaudiskiai.
LKA 8-4, 5, LKA 10-27. ALA.

Spring, 1945
Approximately 30,000 partisans are active in Lithuania.
DP-516, L-368. VV.

April 4, 1945: Village of Kabeliai, District of Varena,
A. Valentukevicius ["Peony"-"Bijunas], leader of the partisans in the village of Kabeliai, invites Colonel J. Vitkus ["Son of Kazimieras"-"Kazimieraitis"] to lead the partisans.
LKA 9-9, 55. DA.

April 12, 1945: County of Gudeliai, District of Marijampole
Lieutenant M. Kuzmickas ("Moose") [Briedis] leads the partisans of Budninkai in battle. One partisan and a nurse,
M. Senavaityte [Mirta], are killed. Many NKVD operatives die [no estimates available].
Within a few days, M. Kuzmickas is killed in an ambush near the Village of Pabrasciai, County of Balbieriskis.
DP-82, L-161, LBD-180, 181, 222, 223, LK-593, LKA 9-89, LKA 17-10. TA.

April 13, 1945: Near the Village of Reskutenai, County of Kaltanenai, District of Svencionys
A group of partisans from the Tiger special team, lead by Kamarauskas [Karijotas], trounce a group of “destroyers.” 11 casualties are reported including 2 NKVD functionaries, Lieutenant Majorov, and the NKVD Chief of Kaltanenai County.
LKA 16-56. VA.

April 14, 1945: In the Forest of Kaugonys, County of Vievis, District of Trakai
M. Kareckas ["Red Current"-"Serbentas"], leader of the 5th LLA [Lithuanian Freedom Army], is killed. J. Misiunas ["Red Devil"-"Zalias Velnias] assumes command of 28 squads with a total of approximately 400-500 fighters. New command headquarters is established in the Village of Bedaliai.
L-326, 493, VDr. DKA.

April 1945: District of Zarasai, near Antazave and Suviekas
M. Kazanas ["Terror"-"Siaubas"] and A. Streikus ["Tommy"-"Tamosiukas"] in Zarasai District activate the Bear [Lokys] special unit. Key staff members include:
     M. Kazanas: Leader
     J. Striekus ["Bison"-"Stumbras"]: Company Commander
     B. Vaicenas ["Liubartas"]: Company Commander
     B. Pupeikis ["Aurochs"-"Tauras"]
LKA 14-56, LKA 16-75.VA.

April 1945:
The Samogitian (Zemaiciu) Legion (ZL) now consists of 4 units:
     Wolf organisation [Vilkas]: Headquarters: Plunge. Assigned operational area: District of Telsiai
     Fox organisation [Lape]: Assigned operational area: District of Kretinga
     Hawks company [Vanagai] Headquarters: Seda. Assigned operational area: District of Mazeikiai
     Hawks team [Vanagai] Headquarters: County of Sveksna, District of Taurage.

April 1945
Leaders of the The LLA [Lithuanian Freedom Army] and LIT [Lithuanian Liberation Council] include A. Eidimtas, A. Kubilius, L. Dambrauskas, and M. Bloznelis.
L-126, LPK-684, BLP. VV.

April 1945: Southern Dzukija
The Sarunas Special Team is formed in Southern Dzukija. Senior Lieutenant V. Gontis [Alseika] leads the 6 detachments, each with approximately 120 fighters [a total of 720 partisans]. Headquarters is established in the grove of Puscia, Leipalingis County.
KDK, L-191, 482. DA.

Spring, 1945: County of Salakas County, District of Zarasai
A partisan unit of 70 freedom-fighters is led by A. Juodka.
LKA 16-79. VA.

Spring, 1945: The Forests of Apvinciai
The 100-man Blackthorn [Ersketis] detachment is led by K. Kaladinskas.
LKA 16-79. VA.

April 17, 1945: Rudnia, District of Alytus
A partisan unit under the leadership of Lieutenant L. Svalkus ["Boar"-"Sernas"] attacks Rudnia and liberates prisoners [exact figures unknown]. Communist-controlled buildings throughout the county are torched.
NKVD. L-482, LKA 17-15. DA.

April 21 - May 2, 1945
The first deportations [to Siberia] since WW II begin on April 21. A second round of deportations occurs between May 17 to September 3. Families of partisans are located and deported. Individuals of German origin are targeted.
LGT-424, AL-312, 313. OK.

April 25, 1945
While employed as a lecturer at the teachers' college in Alytus, Junior Lieutenant Adolfas Ramanauskas joins the partisan cause and assumes the code name Hawk [Vanagas]. Between the dates of April 26 to 28, he is selected to lead the partisan unit of Nemunaitis [Masaliskiai]. On May 1, he organises a company of 70 fighters.
(LK-92), RD-10, 13. DA.

April or May, 1945
Authorities at Tiger [Tigras] headquarters special command include:
     Captain B. Kaletka [Kestutis]: Leader
     Lieutenant J. Kimstas ["Clover"-"Dobilas"]: Assistant
     Svilpa ["Bearded"-"Barzdyla"]: Adjutant
Until August 1945, the command post also serves as regional headquarters for the LLA [Lithuanian Freedom Army]. Beginning on June 5, 1945, the unit reports to the 5th LLA command in Vilnius and oversees operations of 3 companies with a total of 290 fighters.
L-326, LKA 16-54. VA.

May 1, 1945: The Town of Siesikai, District of Ukmerge
A group of partisans led by D. Vaitelis, V. Eiva and A. Vaiciunas gain control of Siesikai.
LKA 10-7. VEA.

May 6 [or 7], 1945
At the suggestion of J. Vitkus ["Son of Kazimieras"-"Kazimieraitis"] and with the concurrence of L. Svalkas ["Board"-"Sernas"], A. Valentukevicius ["Peony"-"Bijunas"] and other individuals, it is agreed to unite the partisans of Dzukija into the Dzukai group with headquarters in the County of Marcinkoniai, District of Alytaus. The leader of the group is Lieutenant-Colonel J. Vitkus.
LKA 9-10, (L-190, 482). DA.

May 7, 1945
J. Vitkus [“Son of Kazimieras"-"Kazimieraitis"], leader of the Dzukai partisans, issues Order #1, 11 to address the recording of the history of partisans’ struggles: company and battalion commanders are responsible for maintaining a diary of operations and battle engagements so a true picture of the battle for freedom could be passed on [to prosperity].
LK-81, 82, LKA 9-61. DA.

Late April, Early May, 1945: The Forests Balbieriskis, District of Marijampole
In the forests of Balbieriskis , the Grand Duke Vaidotas partisan group is formed. K. Degutis [Raginis] leads the group and J. Petraska [Patrimpas] is named Chief of Staff.
LKA 17-10, (GM-130). DA.

May 13, 1945: County of Varena, Near the Village of Geidukonys
Partisans led by J. Jakubavicius ["Rye"-"Rugys"] in Varena County free prisoners being transported to Varena. They shot 1 Red Army soldier and 2 destroyers. Two other soldiers are disarmed.
LKA-17-16. DA.

May, 1945: Forest of Varcia, County of Alove, District of Alytus
Approximately 120 partisans led by Voveris ["Lightning"-"Zaibas"], Barauskas ["Crab"-"Vezys"] and A. Ramanauskas ["Hawk"-"Vanagas"] gather in the forest of Varcia.
L-188, RD-19. DA.

May 16-17, 1945: Forest in the County of Simnas, District of Alytus
NKVD troops surround partisans [estimates vary from 60 to 120] led by J. Neifalta ["Pilot"-"Lakunas"]. 44 Lithuanians are killed, including machine gunner Albina Neifaltiene ["Pine"-"Pusele"], wife of the troop leader. Many members of the enemy are destroyed [no estimates available]. At sunset, partisans escape the siege which later becomes known as "The Battle of Kalniske."
AL-220, LBD-123, 222, LKA 17-197, L-350, (AKL-34, LKA 17-17, L-217, 376, 482), LKA 1-13, LKA 9-57. DA.

May 23, 1945
Falcon ["Sakalas"] Special Team is formed under the leadership of P. Svilpa ["Bearded"-"Barzdyla"]. Its field of action includes Utena District and areas in Zarasai and Svencionys Districts. In June, Falcon is destroyed by the enemy, 232 partisans are killed and the command structure is disbanded. Approximately 300 partisans 'legalise' and P. Svilpa flees to Vilnius.
L-296, LKA 16-11, 12, LPK-484. VA.

May 25, 1945: Town of Kriukai, District of Siauliai
Led by Militiaman Sankauskas, a group of "destroyers" from the town of Kriukai defect and join the partisan cause.
NPD-79. KA.

May 25, 1945
The Prienai partisan troop is reorganised into the 8th Company of the Iron Wolf [Gelezinis Vilkas] Regiment. It operates under the orders of Kestutis Headquarters. P. Kucinskas ["Hop"-"Apynys"] is apointed temporary commander.
LK-85. TA.

May 25-26 1945: Town of Endriejavas, District of Kretinga
K. Tycius, with the collaboration of 3 “destroyers”, leads his group of 120 partisans into Endriejavas. The partisans assume control of the town and recruit 18 “destroyers" [stribai] who join them in the forest.
L-24 (L-487, G-156).PA.

May 25-26, 1945: County of Valkininkai, District of Trakai
M. Mastauskas, a member of the LPS [Lithuanian Partisans' Union] Vilniaus Headquarters, meets with partisan leaders M. Cesnys ["November"-"Lapkritis"], M. Vickacka ["Summer"-"Vasara"] and B. Poskus ["Diver Bird"-"Naras"]. Iron Wolf [Gelezinis Vilkas], a special team to operate in the counties of Onuskis and Valkininkai as well as part of Eisiskiai county, is formed. At the beginning of June, Lieutenant L. Tarasevicius ["Eagle or Lynx","Aras", "Lusis"] arrives to take command. The team consists of 4 platoons totaling approximately 100 fighters.
L-190, 191, 482, KDK. DA.

May-June, 1945
Sometime before June of 1945, the Pike [Lydys] special team is formed to operate in the District of Taurage and the Counties of Nemakciai as well as Simkaicai in the District of Raseiniai.
L-486, LKA 12-9, L-237, KA.

June 3, 1945: Town of Saldutiskis, District of Svencionys
Partisans, led by A. Krinickas [Romelis], take over the Saldutiskis.
LKA 17-115. VA.

May-June, 1945: Village of Galintanka, County of Nemunaitis, District of Alytus
Partisans led by A. Ramanauskas ["Hawk" - "Vanagas"] in Nemunaitis County kill 12 “destroyers” from Merkine during an ambush near Galintanka.
AKL-11. DA.

June 7, 1945: The Forest of Kudra, County of Antazave, District of Zarasai
Partisans, led by M. Kazanas, K. Ramanauskas and B. Pupeikis, fight for 3 hours against NKVD troops and “destroyers” in the forest of Kudra. 16 “destroyers” [stribai] are killed. The freedom-fighters escape through Aleksandravele into the Forest of Agurkiskis without suffering any casualties.
DL-43. VA.

June 10, 1945: Between the Town of Pumpenai, District of Panevezys and the Village of Mitkai
28 armed Bolsheviks, intent on agitating the local populace, are ambushed by partisans of the Green [Zalioji] special team. 17 [Bolsheviks] are killed.
LKA 8-37. ALA.

June, 1945: Pine Forest of Punia
Dzukai special team is formed under the leadership of Captain D. Jecys ["Oak"-"Azuolis"]. The team consist of:
     Members of the DLK Grand Duke Kestutis - Leader: Lieutenant A. Baciuska ["Traveller" or "Person"-"Keleivis" or "Zmogus"] - Field of Operation: The Counties of Alytus, Simnas and Miroslavas
     Members of the Duke Vaidotas group - Leader: K. Degutis [Raginis] - Field of Operation: Counties of Balbieriskis and Gudeliai, District of Marijampole
     Members of the Duke Margiris group - Leader: P. Paulauskas [Sarunas] - Field of Operation: Jieznas, Butrimonys, Stakliskes and Birstonas Counties, District of Alytus
     Members of the Iron Wolf [Gelezinis Vilkas] group - Leader: V. Voveris ["Lightening"-"Zaibas"] - Field of Operation: County of Daugai, District of Alytus.
L-193, 194, LKA 9-90, 8. DA.

June 12, 1945
B. Kabulov, Deputy Commissar of the KGB, orders KGB and NKVD officers in Lithuania to discontinue organising teams of activists to impersonate partisans in district covert operations without the express permission of Kabulov.
LPK-406. OK.

June 12, 1945 [Possibly June 13 or 14]: In the Forest of Varcia, County of Alove, District of Alytus
A. Kulikauskas ["Doctor"-"Daktaras"], V. Voveris ["Lightning"-"Zaibas"] and K. Barauskas ["Crab"-"Vezys"] lead partisans into battle. Numerous NKVD operatives are killed [exactly numbers unknown], approximately 10 partisans perish, several are arrested.
AKL-11, RD-52, 58, 60, L-376, (LK-92), (L-218, 482, KDK, LKA 17-17). DA.

June 14, 1945 [Possibly June 15 or July 20], 1945
NKVD troops arrest Captain B. Kaletkas [Kestutis], leader of the Tiger [Tigras] special team and Father P. Liutkus ["Black Peter"-"Juodasis Petras"], the priest of Kirdeikiai and chaplain of the team. A total of 9 partisan leaders are taken into custody. Lieutenant J. Kimstas ["Clover"-"Dobilas'] assumes leadership of the Tiger [Tigras] team.
LKA 16-54, 55, (130), (LPK-497). L-296. VA.

June 15, 1945: The Village of Biliakiemis, County of Utenos,
Lieutenant J. Kimstas ["Clover"-"Dobilas"], now leading the Tiger ["Tigras"] special team, convenes a partisan meeting. The Sarunas special team is formed with key assignments delegated as follows:
      Leader: V. Mikulenas ["Lupine" or "Linden"-"Lubinas" or "Liepa"]
      Chief of Headquarters Staff: V. Pakstas ["Bard" or "Diver Bird"- "Vaidila" or "Naras"]
      Chief of Military Intelligence and Communications: P. Zinkevicius ["Kite" or "Blacksmith"-"Aitvaras" or "Kalvis"]
The team publishes a newsletter, Word the Underground [Pogrindzio Zodis].
L-296, 297, 490, LKA 16-(12-14), 55, LPK-481. VA.

June, 1945, Southern Samogitia (Zemaitija)
An attempt to form the Vytis Command in Southern Samogitia (Zemaitija) is foiled by excessive MGB activity and failure to reach agreement with leaders of the Lydys [Pike] Special Team. L-237. KA.

June 1945
The Special Team of Lazdijai District led by V. Gontis-Alseika, submits to the command of Dzukai general headquarters. J. Vitkus ["Son of Kazimieras"-"Kazimieraitis"] names it Western Dzukai Special Team, but the name does not catch on.
L-191. DA.

June 17 [Possibly 11] 1945: Eilavotas County, District of Marijampole
The Battle of Degimai begins. Partisans from The "Iron Wolf" ["Gelezinis Vilkas"] Company of the 8th regiment, led by K. Pinkvarta ["Right Hander"-"Desinys] fight for 4, perhaps 5, hours and kill 70 NKVD soldiers. Six partisans are killed, including V. Senavaitis ["Northerner" - AKA: "Green Devil"-"Siaurys: AKA: "Zalias Velnias"], Chief of Orienteering and pioneer founder of the partisan movement.
LBD-174, 175, 219, LK-85, 617, (DP-83, 86). TA.

June 24, 1945: Vilnius
LPS [Lithuanian Partisans' Union] headquarters is destroyed. Chief of Headquarters, J. Petrauskas, and 22 staff members are arrested.
LPK-497. VV.

Summer, 1945
The organisational structure of Dz kai Group led by J. Vitkus-Kazimieraitis ["Son of Kazimieras"] is finalised. Special teams, battalions, and squads operate in Alytus district and part of Lazdijai and Trakai districts.
LKA 9-8. DA.

Summer, 1945
Lieutenant V. Bacevicius-Vygandas assembles partisans from Kazlu Ruda and Jankai Forest into the Deer ["Stirna"] Special Team.
LK-622, LKA 3-17. TA.

Summer, 1945: Town of Rozalimas, The district of Panevezys.
Approximately 80 partisans from the Green ["Alioji"] Special Team take over the town of Rozalimas. 27 destroyers [stribai] are destroyed.
L-24, LKA 8-36. ALA.

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Chronicle of the Partisan Wars was compiled by
Algis Rupainis,
Born February 1, 1932 in the village of Lapainia, Kruonys county, Kaisiadorys district.
May 22, 1939 to 1948: Resided in the village of Stankiskis, Sv‰ksna county, student at Sv‰ksna High School.
1948 to 1958: Exile in Krasnojarsk district of Siberia. Worked as a forest feller, raftsman, driver, packer. Attended Bogusani Elementary School and the Forestry Technology Institute of Siberia [qualified as mechanical specialist].
1958 to 1995: Worked in Vilnius as a constructor, teaching aide and guard.
Currently a pensioner; married, wife Ona is science worker.

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