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War Chronicle of the Partisans: Part VII
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Prepared: Algis Rupainis
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April 1, 1948
Foundation of Prisikelimo apygarda (PA) [Revival Command], led by P. Bartkus (Mazrimas); consisted of Vovere ("Squirrel"), Atzalynas ("Regrowth") and P. Luksys' teams; command post in forest of Duktas, Siauliai district.
L-274, 281, 488 PA

April 3, 1948
Zibininkai forest, Kretinga district. Partisans ambush and kill P. Jasinskis, head of soviet militia of Palanga county.

April 4, 1948
Lieutenant J. Alescikas (Rymantas) is elected leader of TA (Tauras Command), while continuing to lead PLP (South Lithuania Partisans) and Birute Special Team.
L-173, 479, LKA3-38 TA

April 18, 1948
Partisans explode a mine during a dance at a club in Merkine, killing a NKVD lieutenant and 2 civilians, injuring 19 people.
L-33, AKL-81 DA

April 23, 1948
Re-established Zalioji ("Green") Special Team is incorporated into PA (Revival Command). This Team later absorbs partisans who were former Sauliai (“Shooters” – Army Reserve Riflemen) from former (Atzalynas - "Regrowth") Special Team, which is disbanded in September 1948. Leader of Zalioji (Green) Special Team is P. Masilaitis (aka as Margis ["Dapple"] or Virpsa).
L-274, 488, LKA8-6, 22 PA

April 28, 1948
Kulcikai village, Barzdai county, Sakiai district. Death of TA (Tauras Command) command post OIC, leader of Zalgiris* ("Grünwald") Special Team, V. Strimas (Sturmas - "Storm"). L-173, 479, LK-617 TA * Zalgiris (which means 'green wood') is the Lithuanian translation of the Prussian place-name Grünwald, site of the famous Battle of Grünwald (also known as the Battle of Tannenberg) of 1410 in which a combined army of Lithuanians and Poles, led by Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuania, defeated the armies of the Teutonic Knights and effectively put an end to Germanic expansion in Eastern Europe. Therefore, in Lithuanian, Zalgiris is synonymous with victory.

May 1, 1948
Meeting of leadership of VA, ALA and DKA, with participation of STL leader J. Kimstas (Zalgiris). Condemnation of treasonous activities of J. Markulis; decision to change LLA (Lithuanian Freedom Army) to LP (Lithuanian Partisans) in the names of the Commands. Founders of collective farms are to be considered saboteurs and suitably punished; collectivisation condemned as an impoverishment of the country.
L-285, LK-285, LKA16-5, 24, 121 ALA, DKA, RL, VA

May 5, 1948
VLA-Jura (Western Lithuania – Maritime Command) formed from JKA (Joint Kæstutis Command), ZA (Samogitian Command) and PLA (Southern Lithuania Command). Leader is J. Zemaitis (Zaltys – “Grass Snake”), deputies are PLA leader P. Bartkus and ZA leader A. Milasevicius (aka Radvila or Ruonis – “Seal”). Main aim of this region’s leadership is to form a Supreme Leadership for the Lithuanian underground movement.
L-226, 250, 485, LKA13-8 KA, PA, VL, ZA

May 7, 1948
Varena county, near Barciai village. Partisans prepare an ambush for Soviet sympathisers and Communist Party activists who were selling Soviet government bonds. Of the accompanying military and collaborators, nine were killed and ten injured.
AKL-82, LKA17-117, LPK-546 DA

May 13, 1948
Ukmerge district, Taujenai county, near Juodvisine village. Death of VCA (Vytis Command) leader D. Vaitelis (Briedis – “Moose”), deputy J. Kilijonas (Mikas) and district command post chief A. Syvis (Salapka). Surviving deputy A. Smetona (Zygaudas) becomes new leader of Vytis Command.
L-318, 492, LKA10-21, KV-68 VCA

MAy of 1948
Bubiliai forest, Kretinga district. Death of ZA (Samogitian Command) Kardas (“Sword”) Special Team leader (since 1946) J. Kekstas (Drulis); new leader is J. Jucius (Antanaitis – “Son of Anthony”).
L-266, 487 ZA

May 22-23, 1948
Mass deportations; families of partisans and their supporters targeted.
LGT-424 OK

May 25, 1948 05 25
VA (Vytautas Command) leader publishes edict Nr. 2, stipulating that any citizen of Lithuania who refuses to assist people fleeing deportation should by punished by total confiscation of property; any who betray the refugees’ hiding place should be shot as traitors to the nation.
DL-101 VA

June 1, 1948
First issue of PA (Revival Command) newspaper Prisikelimo ugnis (“Revival Fire”). PA also publishes several anthologies of poems and prose. Several poets worked at the PA command post, including P. Bartkus (Alkupenas), V. Sniuolis (Vytenis), B. Liesys (Naktis – “Night”) and others.
L-278, 279 PA

June 6, 1948
Partisans of ZA (Samogitian Command) Nemunas brigade attack the town of Veivirzenai in the district of Kretinga: 4 stribai shot dead, 3 wounded, 1 captured.
AKL-29, L-488, LKA17-115 ZA

June 8, 1948
VL (Western Lithuania) regional leader J. Zemaitis begins creation of Supreme Leadership. A. Milasevicius (Ruonis – “Seal”) appointed leader of VL; command post OIC is V. Guzas (aka Zigmas or Galiandra); agitation and propaganda chief is A. Liesys (aka Tonis or Idenas); other command post staff were V. Ivanauskas (aka Vytenis or Henrikas). The command post did not have a fixed location; its staff went about assisting other command posts to reorganise.
L-226, 227, 485, LKA13-8 VL, VV

June of 1948
VA (Vytautas Command) military intelligence chief J. Buterliauskas (Tarzanas – “Tarzan”) is arrested; under torture he reveals the location of several meeting places and about 10 bunkers; 11 people arrested as a result.
LKA16-24, 42 VA

June of 1948
New leadership of ZA (Samogitian Command): leader is V. Montvydas (Zemaitis); deputy N. Kersys (Napoleonas – “Napoleon”); command post OIC J. Cesna (Zentas – “Son-in-law”); finances director B. Aluza (Bedalis); agitation and propaganda chief V. Stirbys (former parish priest of Pasile); liaison officer J. Kentra (Tigras – “Tiger”).
L-227, 269, 488, LKA7-4, LPK-692 ZA

June 26, 1948
Armaliskis village, Aukstoji Panemune county, Kaunas region. Betrayal leads to death of A. Vabalas (Gediminas), last member of the BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) Presidium founded by A. Baltusis (Zvejys – “Fisherman”). He was president of the Court Martial Tribunal and editor of TA (Tauras Command) newspaper Laisves zvalgas (“Freedom Herald”).
LBD-195, 196, LPK-672 TA, VV

June 30, 1948
VCA (Vytis Command) leader A. Smetona (Zygaudas) issues order Nr. 3 which divides the Command into 4 regions: 2 of the regions are in Panevezys district, and 1 each in Ukmerge and Kedainiai districts.
L-318, 492, LKA10-21, 23 VCA

By 1948
MGB tracks down and annihilates Rambynas Special Team, which had been operating in the Klaipeda region. Arrest of 30 partisans and Team leader J. Jurkaitis.
LKA13-13 KA

Summer of 1948
JKA (Joint Kæstutis Command) is renamed Kæstutis Command (KA).
L-233 KA

July 5, 1948
Daugai town, Alytus district. Partisans throw a hand grenade into a dance club: 3 communist activists killed, 8 wounded.
AKL-13, L-220 DA

July 7-9, 1948
Baden-Baden, West Germany. Meeting of VLIK (Supreme Committee for the Independence of Lithuania) and representatives of the Lithuanian resistance movement. Participants were prof. J. Kaminskas, academic M. Krupavicius, J. Brazaitis, V. Sidzikauskas, J. Luksa, J. Deksnys and (with observer status) J. Pajaujis. It was decided that the Lithuanian freedom-fighting activities within Lithuania should be directed by a body which united the various resistance movements; outside the country activities would be coordinated by VLIK. The Lithuanian underground movement would have an official representative to liaise with VLIK abroad. J. Deksnys resolved to abolish the BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) delegation abroad by the first of August 1948. Later J. Deksnys founded LRS (Lietuvos rezistencine santara - Lithuanian Resistance Council), which aspired to represent abroad the interests of the Lithuanian resistance.
L-137, LK-489-495, 6-68 VV

July 10-12, 1948
Creation of VLKSO (Vieningos laisves kovos sàjudzio organizacija - United Freedom Fight Movement Organisation) under the leadership of J. Zemaitis (Vytautas) and deputies - the zone leaders. Aim was to re-establish a Supreme Leadership for the Lithuanian resistance movement, since the BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) of A. Baltusis (Zvejys - "Fisherman") was now completely destroyed.
L-139, LKA3-52 VV

July of 1948
Creation of KA (Kæstutis Command) command post in Erzvilkas county, Taurage district. Leader is H. Danilevicius (Vidmantas), former leader of Lydys ("Pike") Special Team. Command post OIC is R. Gedvilas (aka Remigijus or Sidabras - "Silver"). The command post operated until April of 1949 and published the newsletter Laisves varpas ("Bell of Freedom").
L-250, 486, LKA13-8 KA

July of 1948
MGB agent Obelinskas (J. Rudzionis, partisan code name Cerberlenas) infiltrates PA (Revival Command) Zalioji ("Green") Special Team. At the end of 1948 he becomes the Team's command post OIC. In 1949 the Team is destroyed. On 11 April 1949 a PA court martial tries J. Rudzionis in absentia and sentences him to death.
L-275, LKA8-7 PA

July 27, 1948
VLKSO (United Freedom Fight Movement Organisation) leader J. Zemaitis (Vytautas) appoints L. Grigonis (aka Uzpalis or Krivis) leader of PA (Revival Command) in place of P. Bartkus (Zadgaila), who had become chief of the organisational sector at the VLKSO command post.
LKA3-52, LKA7-79 PA

July 27, 1948
VLKSO (United Freedom Fight Movement Organisation) leader J. Zemaitis (Vytautas) comes to PA (Revival Command); it is decided to create a Supreme Leadership base in the forest of Duktas, district of Siauliai.
LKA3-52, LKA7-79 VV

August 4, 1948
Meeting of partisan leaders in northeast Lithuania decides: delegates to Supreme Leadership to be regional leader J. Kimstis (Zalgiris) and DKA (Great Battle Command) command post OIC J. Sibaila (Diedukas – “Grandad”); northeast Lithuania leadership to be named after King Mindaugas (code name in written texts - Kalnu [highlands] ); DKA Special Team B is elevated to the status of a Command, leaders are A. Sluckas (Sarunas), deputy V. Kaulinis (aka Miskinis – “Bushman”, or Utenis), adjutant B. Zukauskas (Commandant), communications officer A. Kubilius (Rugstimis), VD chief B. Kazickas (aka Saulius or Krivaitis).
L-140, 285, 334, 489, 494, LKA3-54, LK16-5 RL, DKA

August 5, 1948
Leader of SRL (northeast Lithuania) region appoints A. Morkunas (Plienas – “Steel”), former leader of DKA (Great Battle Command) Special Team B, as leader of DKA.

August 10, 1948
Jonuciai village, Garliava county, Kaunas district. Death of PLP (South Lithuania Partisans) and TA (Tauras Command), J. Alescikas (Rymantas). Zalgiris (“Grünwald”) Special Team leader V. Vitkauskas (Saidokas) becomes interim TA leader.
L-173, 477, 479, LKA3-39 PL, TA

August 10, 1948 (14)
Alove township, Alytus district. Death of 8 people, including an MGB officer, when partisans throw a bomb into the Alove community hall during the screening of an MGB propaganda film.
L-33, AKL-13, (L-220) DA

August of 1948
MGB agents shoot all the members of ZA (Samogitian Command) Alka Special Team command post, which had been led by K. Venckus Adomaitis. In its place the MGB establish spurious Alka command post controlled by them. Alka Team ceased operations in 1949.
L-267, 487 ZA

August of 1948
Kunigaikstis Margiris (“Duke Margiris”) Special Team, which had been active in Rokiskis, Kupiskis, Panevezys and Anyksciai districts under the leadership of J. Kemeklis (aka Rokas or Rimtutis) becomes part of ALA (Algimantas Command).
L-337, 493 ALA

August 21, 1948
Near Sabaliskiai village, Zarasai district. Partisans of VA (Vytautas Command) Lokys Special Team led by P. Racinskas destroy an automobile carrying 7 armed pro-Soviet activists.
LKA16-87 VA

September of 1948
Hired assassins in the pay of MGB murder a group of partisans of DKA Special Team A led by A. Praskevicius (Narsuolis – “Intrepid”) and J. Cerniauskas (Vaidotas). The murderous mission was overseen by MGB agent “Bagdonas” (A. Zaskevicius), on orders from MGB headquarters.
L-333, LPK-66 DKA

September 1, 1948
DKA (Great Battle Command) leader A. Morkunas (Plienas - "Steel") issues Order Nr. 1 which changes the name of DKA Special Team B to DKA, appoints J. Sibaila (Diedukas - "Grandpa") command post OIC; organisational section - J. Jurys (Zilvinas; V. Dleiznys (Sarunas) - military intelligence; A. Lescius (Salteksna) - information and press; V. Imbrasas (Tarzan) - finances; F. Snyrys (Timuras) - finances.

September 8, 1948
Purviskiai village, Taurage county. Betrayal causes death of 15 partisans; 2 wounded and captured.
RZ-60 KA

September of 1948
VLKSI / VLKSO ( United Freedom Fight Movement Organisation) leader J. Zemaitis (Vytautas) meets with S. Raziulis (Mazylis), leader of Siauliai (aka as Vytautas Didysis [Vytautas the Great] or Atzalynas [Regrowth]) Special Team. They decide to dissolve the Team; S. Raziulis is transferred to Maritime region command post, the rest of the Team members are transferred to Zalioji (“Green”) Special Team.
LKA8-56 VL, PA

September of 1948 (11 25) (08)
V. Voveris (Zaibas – “Lightning”) is appointed leader of DA (Dainava Command) Kazimieraitis Special Team.
L-202, LPK-719, (LN-434), (6-178) DA

Autumn of 1948
A. Liesys (Tonis) appointed to lead a special group of ZA (Samogitian Command) to maintain liaison between the command posts of ZA and VL (Western Lithuania) or Jura (Maritime) regions and among the various units of ZA.

October 8, 1948
A. Grybinas (Faustas) appointed leader of TA (Tauras Command).
L-174, 480 TA

October 20, 1948
Meeting at the TA (Tauras Command) Gelezinis Vilkas (Iron Wolf) command post between TA leader A. Grybinas (Faustas) and DA (Dainava Command) representative S. Stabiskis (Litas). They decided that, given the death of PLP (South Lithuania Partisans) command post OIC J. Alescikas (Rymantas), TA and DA Commands would merge to form Pietu Lietuvos (PL) [South Lithuanian) region. DA leader A. Ramanauskas (Vanagas – “Hawk”) is appointed interim leader of PL region.
L-154, 477, 483, LK-287, 288, LKA9-183 TA

October 27, 1948
Trakai district, near Onuskis. Partisans of Kazimieraitis Special Team led by V. Voveris (Zaibas – “Lightning”) arrange an ambush and kill all 18 (or 19) members of an operative-military group, capturing 2 machine guns and other weaponry.
L-220, LPK-551, (LBD-259, 309) DA

October-November of 1948
DA (Dainava Command) command post infiltrated by 2 agents of Lithuanian SSR MGB “2nd committee”: Kostas Kubilinskas (MGB code name Varnas – “Raven”; underground name Kapsas) and A. Slinkys (MGB code name Rytas – “Morning”; underground name Vilnis – “Wave”).
L-207, LBD-259, LKA-165 DA, OK

November 10-12, 1948
Duktas (town), Siauliai district. Meeting of representatives of VL (Western Lithuania) and RL (Eastern Lithuania) regions. J. Zemaitis (Vytautas), J. Sibaila (Merainis), P. Bartkus (Zadgaila) and J. Kimstas (Zygunas) re-establish Supreme Leadership for underground movement, retaining for it the name BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) and the name VLKSO (United Freedom Fight Movement Organisation) for the Defence Forces (Ginkluotosios pajegos - GP). J. Zemaitis is appointed interim BDPS Presidium chairman; J. Kimstas - BDPS GP command post OIC; J. Sibaila - BDPS community section; B. Bartkus – secretary. The meeting condemned the provocative activities of J. Markulis and expressed gratitude to fighters of the PL (South Lithuania) region for their work in helping to centralise the movement. They introduced a new battle unit – the tevunija (squad) and a new structural unit – the rajonas (region).
L-140,488, LK-289, LKA3-54, LKA16-88, LKA10-31 VV

November 14, 1948 (1948 09)
A. Ramanauskas (Vanagas – “Hawk”), leader of DA (Dainava Command) and interim leader of PL (South Lithuania) region, departs for partisan leaders’ meeting in West Lithuania, appoints as acting DA leader B. Labenas (Kariunas – “Warrior”), the leader of Sarunas Special Team; S. Staniskis (Litas) is appointed DA deputy leader.
L-207, LK-293, (LK-601) DA

November of 1948
SRL (Northeast Lithuania) partisan region is renamed RL (East Lithuania) region.
L-285, LPK-559 RL

December 10, 1948
Acceptance by UN of Universal Declaration of Human Rights gives partisans new hope.

December 16, 1948
Vytis Company leader B. Vaicenas (Liubartas) is appointed leader of VA (Vytautas Command) Lokys (“Bear”) Special Team press and education section.
DL-72 VA

December 31, 1948
MGB creates another spurious BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) from its agents; appoints agent “Vytautas” chairman of the spurious BDPS Presidium.
LKA5-47, LKA8-59 OK

January 20, 1949
Liepynai village, Marijampole county. Treachery leads to death of TA (Tauras Command) Vytautas Special Team leader K. Greblikas (Sakalas – “Falcon”), command post OIC J. Vasiliauskas (aka Skydas [“Shield”] or Algimantas) and head of finances section, V. Krunkaitis (Herbas – “Blazon”); in May V. Gavenas (Granitas – “Granite”) is appointed new leader.
L-480, LBD-185, LK-620, LKA3-41 TA

January 25, 1949
GP (Defence Forces) leader J. Zemaitis issues order Nr. 15 about the establishment of an occasional information bulletin for leaders.
LKA7-71 VV

February 2-22, 1949
Minaiciai village, between Baisiogala and Radviliskis. Meeting of partisans from all parts of Lithuania at the PA (Revival Command) command post. Participants: BDPS (General Democratic Resistance Movement) Presidium chairman J. Zemaitis (Vytautas); secretary P. Bartkus (Zadgaila); community section leader J. Sibaila (Merainis); interim leader of PL (South Lithuania) Region A. Ramanauskas (Vanagas – “Hawk”); TA (Tauras Command) leader A. Grybinas (Faustas); PA (Revival Command) leader L. Grigonis (Uzpalis); VL (West Lithuania) region command post OIC V. Guzas (Kardas – “Sword”); PA command post leader B. Liesys (Naktis – “Night”). 23 items on the agenda. In order to avoid confusion with the MGB-run organisation calling itself BDPS , it was decided that from 10 February the real BDPS would be renamed LLKS (Lietuvos laisves kovos sàjudis – “Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union”). Approval was given to sections 1 and 2 of the LLKS constitution drawn up by J. Zemaitis and P. Bartkus. On 16 February (Lithuanian Independence Day) participants signed a declaration stating that the ultimate aim of the partisans’ campaign was the re-establishment of a Lithuanian parliamentary republic on the model of that which existed 1920-1926. Awards were presented to partisans with distinguished service. Consideration was given to future directions for tactical activity, links with groups abroad and activity in the Klaipeda region. An appeal was issued to all armed underground participants and to the whole nation. LLKS Presidium elected: chairman - J. Zemaitis (also interim leader of Defence Forces); members - P. Bartkus, B. Liesys, J. Sibaila. Two places on presidium reserved for PL representatives. J. Zemaitis is awarded rank of General (of freedom fighters).
L-141, 142, 155, 488, LK-(296-307), 584, LKA3-54, 55, LKA7-70 VV

February 10, 1949
Meeting of partisans from all parts of Lithuania renames PL (South Lithuania) region “Nemunas” region; A. Ramanauskas (Vanagas – “Hawk”) is confirmed region leader.
L-155, 478 PL

February 13, 1949
Village of Siauliai, Anyksciai county. Death by betrayal of ALA (Algimantas Command) Sarunas Special Team Jovaras Company leader J. Grazys (aka Viesulas – “Whirlwind” or Leonas), P. Mameniskis (aka Jonas or Spekuliantas – “Speculator”) and J. Zàsinas. TRr, LKA16-126 ALA 1949 02 Forest of Vareikiai, Jonava county. Chekist* army led by MGB officer Luzgin destroys DKA (Great Battle Command) Slyva group bunker, killing group leader E. Svilas (Slyva – “Plum”), V. Vinckus (Kardys), Viktoras (surname unknown, aka Titnagas “Flint”) and a partisan known as Gintaras (“Amber” – real name not recorded).

February 25, 1949
LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) executive meeting decides to launch an official LLKS Supreme Leadership publication "Prie rymancio Rupintojelio".
LK-320, LN3-310 VV

March 7, 1949
Kalesninkai forest, Daugai county, Alytus district. MGB agents K. Kubilinskas and A. Skinkys in DA (Dainava Command) command post bunker shoot Sarunas Special Team leader B. Lapenas (Kariunas – “Warrior”) and tell MGB the location of DA Kazimieraitis Special Team command post bunker, resulting in an attack on the bunker by enemy forces, who kill Team leader V. Voveris (Zaibas – “Lightning”) and 3 other partisans.
L-202, 207, LBD-282-292, LK-601, LN3-432, 489, KDK DA

March 14, 1949
Destruction of PA (Revival Command) Zalioji (Green) Special Team command post; death of leader P. Masilaitis (aka Margis [“Dapple”], Virpsa, or Giria [“Grove”]).
L-488 PA

March 15, 1949
Partisans of Lokys (“Bear”) Special Team, acting on orders from the leadership of RL (East Lithuania) region, begin a widespread anti-kolchoz (collective farm) campaign: by year’s end they have liquidated 14 communist activists and their families; they cut off the hair of kolchoz "pioneers" and shaved off the beards of pro-Soviet Russian Orthodox “old believers”.
LKA16-89 VA

March of 1949
TA (Tauras Command) Kæstutis and Birute Special Teams dissolved due to diminishing number of partisan fighters available. Four “tevunijos” (squads) formed in Zalgiris (“Grünwald”) Special Team: Sturmas (“Attack”); Vasario 16- oji (“16th February” [Lithuanian Independence Day]); Darius and Girenas [Lithuanian pioneer aviators]; and Trispalve veliava (“Tricolour Flag”) – which was dissolved in June 1950. In Vytautas Special Team three “tevunijos” (squads) formed: Àzuolas (“Oak”); Kæstutis; and Gediminas – which was dissolved in February 1950. Three squads also formed in Gelezinis Vilkas (“Iron Wolf”) Special Team: Gediminas, Vytis and Desinys. The command structure was not changed after this.
L-175, 183-185, LKA3-42 TA

March 17, 1949
Latvia, forest of Lielauce. Enemy troops surround joint Lithuanian- Latvian partisan unit in fortified bunker. 3 hour battle: partisans led by P. Gelazius (Kluonis), deputy of Krauja Kârlis (“Bloody Charles”). Eight Latvians and seven Lithuanians killed, including P. Gelazius. Seven Latvians and two Lithuanians captured.
NPD-97, 98 PA

March 18, 1949
Siauliai district, Pakruojis county, Laipuskiai village. Death in battle of ALA (Algimantas Command) command post OIC and leader of Zalioji (“Green”) Special Team, V. Cesnakavicius (Daujotas). J. Janusevicius (Raksnys) becomes new command post OIC and Team leader.
L-339, LK-595, LKA-34, 38 ALA

March 24, 1949
Utena district, Leliunai county, Nonenai village, farmstead of J. Simonelis. Acting on advice from MGB agent Eserys (“Redfin”), enemies destroy VA (Vytautas Command) command post bunker. In a two hour battle 7 partisans are killed, including Commander V. Kaulinis (Miskinis – “Bushman”). New Commander is leader of Liutas (“Lion”) Special Team, B. Kalytis (aka Siaubas [“Terror”] or Liutauras).
AL-283, L-304, 490, LK-606, LKA16-24, 43, LPK-559 VA

1949 (late March)
A. Ramanauskas, leader of Nemunas district, calls meeting of TA (Tauras Command) leaders, explains decisions of LLKS (Lithuanian Freedom Fighters’ Union) executive meeting.
L-155 TA

March-May of 1948
Mass deportations (to Siberia) of the families of the partisans and their supporters. The Soviet authorities referred to them as “bourgeois elements”, in slang "buozes" (which literally means “knobs” – “kulak” in Russian).
LGT-424 OK

April of 1949 (03)
Leadership of Jura (Maritime) region dismiss from his duties KA (Kestutis Command) leader H. Danilevicius (Vidmantas) for going AWOL [absent without leave] in Kaunas. “Vidmantas” continued partisan service with ALA (Algimantas Command), acting as VL (West Lithuania) representative. He was replaced as leader of KA by A. Miliulis (aka Neptunas [“Neptune”] or Algimantas), the former leader of Butageidziai Special Team; new deputy is S. Venckaitis (Biliunas); R. Gedvilas (aka Remigijus, Sidabras [“Silver”]) continues as command post OIC.
L-227, 251, 486, LKA13-9, (LK-621) KA

April 20, 1949
VCA (Vytis Command) leader A. Smetona (Zygaudas) issues Order Nr. 2 to establish two special teams: Kristaponis Special Team, to operate in Panevezys district, led by J. Baltusnikas (Vienuolis – “Monk”); and Briedis (“Moose”) Special Team, to operate in Ukmerge and part of Kedainiai districts, led by M. Semezys (Aras). A. Smetona’s deputy – who is also command post OIC – is K. Tvaska (Rugelis – “Rye”). The command post publishes a newsletter "Lietuva brangi" (“Dear Lithuania” [the name of a popular patriotic song]).
L-315, 318, 492, LKA10-23, 26 VCA

May 1, 1949
Swedes assist 3 Lithuanians, 2 Estonians and 1 Latvian to come ashore in Lithuania near the village of Manciske. K. Pyplys (Audronis) rejoined TA (Tauras Command). J. Deksnys (Prapuolenis) was captured by the MGB and became “agent Petrenko”. The MGB used him to spread disinformation abroad via “radio games”, and for propaganda purposes within Lithuanian via press and cinema.
LK-499, LKA5-54 TA, VV

To Be Continued

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