The election had gone here (this country is called as Lithuania) recently. The best Lithuanian humourist is reasoning about this event (fragments only). See here about a situation after a month....

Juozas Erlickas
Clear gaps. Conservatives are coming

At those times I kept the fast - for seven days and seven nights. Then I had a vision: the celestial gates had opened and seven tens of riders on white horses rushed out. First rider was like as a fox, second as a lion, all the rest as asses. Their heads was in the golden wreathes. Then the throne appeared at the heaven. And the highest Sitter on it.

The riders had dropping down their wreathes by repeating:
'You are worthy, oh Lord, to accept the glory, honour and power because you had created all around - the happiness, freedom, independence and so'...
Then the highest Sitter told to them:
'Let go and tear off a piece - everyone for themselves'.

Then I asked:
'Where I must go?'
The highest Sitter standed up and turned to mine crying by sonorous voice as a lot of trumpets:
'Go to asshole...'

At this place the excited clerk-writter tossed up a glass of a 'skullic' (a tranlator's note: the mixture of pure alcohol and water) and continued:
'Then I went away and took into a hand' ...

'A cross' - aged Petronele yelled.
'A sword' - a policeman turned pale.
'Shut up!' - cried Juozapas. - 'Are you go off your heads'?
Then everybody casted down their eyes, and he continued:
'That it's it! When I drunk down then the conservatives pass out of my sight.'

< . . . >

The elder ones was more prudent:
'We must bow to the might of Satan. We borne a German, a Russian, a honesty and harmony, - we should bear a Conservatives, also. In a year or two, you see, a dawn will grow, again... Maybe, we will not see it, but our children... Our duty is to keep the customs of the country, the language, the believes...'

Everyone looked with an unfavourable eye one to other. Nobody knew what will be in the nearest future.

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